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The History of MEK in scenario writing and lying

Lying and distorting is one of the ways that the Mojahedin Khalq group, or better to say, the hypocrites make money with it and somehow buy fans for themselves.

The hypocrites see lying as a way of survival, and lack of honesty is a way for the people who worked with them to find out after a while.

The incident that took place during the 2003 invasion by the coalition forces was an act in which the MKO saw themselves in danger and therefore began to lie, while they used to support Saddam and when they found themselves in the middle of the bombing of the coalition forces, they tried to deceive the Iraqi forces and Saddam in order to save themselves from this predicament, and despite all this, the leader of MKO claimed that no action was taken against them by the coalition forces but reports from the US military and its special forces include conflicts with MKO.

Rand report on MEK

The lies of the MKO do not end here, and a report was published in RAND in 2009 in which it was written that the MEK group to save itself from their strategic mistakes and actions that they did in the past or to somehow forget their actions start lying and distorting.

In addition to the mentioned cases, the MKO also spread lies about the Islamic Republic of Iran, which if someone examines the situation in Iran, he or she will notice their lies.

They provided a lot of false news and analysis to the Western governments without any fear, and some of them may be true in general, but they are wrong in details, and MKO are spreading the fake news, and unfortunately, some of their audiences seeing the general news that may sometimes be true, they believe that all the news sent and announced by MKO are true.

One of the reasons why the news of MKO is false is because they have not been in Iran for many years and are not aware of the situation in Iran.

Gaining the support of Western officials and governments is another reason for MKO to lie so that they can somehow raise easy money for themselves, and on the other hand, by trying to show the dire situation in Iran, they tried to encourage Western officials to overthrow the Iranian regime and introduced themselves as the most important opposition group to Iran in order to gain support.

Some Western governments cite this fake news and later suffered from them, and one of these governments is the United States, which has suffered significant losses due to its trust in this fake news, such as Ahmad Chalabi, a former Iraqi government official that was not present in Iraq for 20 years and therefore did not have accurate information about the situation in Iraq.

During several meetings with the Americans, he provided misinformation about Iraqi chemical weapons, causing problems for both governments for years.

With the regard that MKO is in favor of a particular belief that they have made it themselves and are kind of extremist, many people who specialize in Iranian affairs and are educated people consider their beliefs to be absurd and meaningless, and another reason for all its lies can also go back to their categorization and politicization.

There is an Iranian idiom that states: “Every madman thinks all other people are mad too”because MKO has the behavior of lies and distortions, they think that everyone is also lying, and that is why when they want to get someone out of their way and remove them, they slander that person.

If we want to look at another example of the MKO’s distortions against Iran, we can see in the presidential election in which Mr. Rouhani voted and people took to the streets to celebrate, and after a while, Iran qualified for the World Cup and the people all celebrated. Then, MKO for distorting the facts, lied that the people rioted, while the flag of the Islamic Republic of Iran is in the hands of the people in the pictures and videos taken.

MKO has even distorted themselves, and because of the problems in their ideology and sectarian management, they have distorted their past and deceptively introduced themselves to gain the support of the people.

MKO, God Father of Suicide bombers!

Another distortion that MKO is committing against themselves is that they claim to be supporters and claimants of human rights, and this is true if they do not force their members to commit suicide, and the leadership of the Mojahedin Khalq group has no human shield for itself and this organization does not respect human rights even among its members, let alone support the Iranian people.

According to the RAND report, the Mojahedin built a library in Ashraf camp, to deceive the public, and by installing images of European and American writers, they were able to do so with little success.

These deceptions do not end here, and by exaggerating themselves, they always tried to present themselves as oppressed and able to attract the pity of their audiences.

The organization has gathered supporters with false tactics, opposition to Iran, and vast financial resources, and the gathering of these people has been accompanied by deception so that they can show more of their foreign supporters.

For example, another of their lies was about the claim of meeting with the US Vice President, that Wendy Sherman wrote in a letter to US Senator McCain that: “Contrary to the claims of the hypocrites, the vice president did not meet with the representative of the Mojahedin-e Khalq during the presidential election campaign and after the election.”

In another of their false cases, as soon as one of the figures of the Socialist Party in various meetings entered, one of the members of the organization immediately hurried to greet the person and shook his hand, and the next day a photo of that figure was published in their website with the content of supporting MKO, even though that person did not know about it at all. MKO showed that it is not a trustworthy group, but despite this fact why US politicians trust this group?

Jack Turner , Geopolitica.ru

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