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The Sellers of National Jubilant

Taking advantage of any circumstance to advance their organizational objectives, naturally in contrast to that of national wills, unpopular groups and organizations that camp outside their home-country in the name of their people know well how to benefit from national celebrations. Of these, the Iranian MKO is one of the most hateful opportunists.

On the threshold of each Iranian New Year, when Iranian youths come to the streets in the eve of the Festival of Fire in various cities to celebrate the upcoming Norooz, the cult of Mojahedin adverts it as a social unrest against the government as recently reported by NCRI’s site:

The regime frightened of escalating social unrest in days ahead of Iranian New Year Celebrations has increased its suppressive measures against the Iranian people.

The cult leaders are not ashamed of selling people’s delight for their organization’s interests since they have chained parts of people’s heart in their cult. How long more should Iranian families be waiting to see their beloved kept forcefully in the cult returned to them?

Mojahedin.ws – 17/03/2007

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