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The Cult of Mojahedin Is No Political Weight

Mainly following a policy of armed struggle from its very initiation, MKO could never be considered as a potential political faction to steer Iran in its political career neither before nor after the Iranian revolution. All they did before the revolution was scanty terrorist operations against Shah’s agents and the American businessmen and military advisors inside Iran as well as a number of their estates.

What they did after the revolution proved that they could never be trusted as a political weight to have any role in Iran’s ruling hierarchy. Their innate belief in the motto of “the end justifies the means’ permitted them to take advantage of any unconventional and violent means in the power struggle. MKO were the most unpopular and ever despised group when they escaped, not expelled, from Iran.

Although MKO were manipulated by many powers that failed to accord with Iran’s new ruling system, nobody ever formed the idea that these terrorists could be an alternative; merely mercenaries and paid espionage agents with a high potentiality of submitting to the wills of the masters who were ashamed to accomplish an out-of-the-ordinary and flagrant task. There are countless evidences.

Has anybody asked why Saddam received Massoud Rajvi and his gang, all dissident Iranians, dearly in Iraq at a time when he was at war with Iran? And why MKO freely moved in and out of some Western parliaments and security agencies that were at odds with Iran? But, soon the West had enough evidences to be afraid of the terrorists, who had developed into a dangerous cult, growing roots amongst its citizens that unknowingly breathed in the cultists’ poisonous exhalations.

The cult of Mojahedin insists to justify its inclusion in the terrorist lists as an act of pursuing a policy of appeasing Iranian regime. When the EU in 2002 proscribed MKO as a terrorist organization they called it an attempt to "pay the price of appeasement towards the Iranian regime by sanctioning its opposition".

The European Court of Justice on December 12 in its ruling said that the group was not given a fair hearing to defend itself. In reply to the ruling, the European Council announced on January 30 that it has "decided to provide the PMOI with a statement of reasons for keeping it on the EU’s ‘asset freeze list’ of persons, groups and entities involved in terrorist acts, and to give the PMOI one month to present its views, together with any supporting documentation".

All is a legal procedure on a normal course. A terrorist group makes desperate attempts to be exonerated from all charges that have justly placed it on a terrorist list. That is to say, a country, or a group of countries, is thoroughly concerned about the threats of a known terrorist group with a notorious past, especially after it changed into a cult, and considers it a right to proscribe the group for the safekeeping of its people.

Let’s Mojahedin think that the group’s proscription follows a policy of appeasement. Neither are they a political weight nor anybody inside Iran cares about them. Their name has sunk into oblivion. But, no wise man lets rabid dogs roam amongst people, whether the dogs like it or not.

Mojahedin.ws – Habib Saffar – March 31, 2007

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