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A Prescription of Terrorism for Democracy

In occasions, I feel ashamed because of what other people have done or said to justify felonies of criminals. It happens mostly when I hear people claiming to be advocates of global peace and security but for them the term ‘global’ is defined within the context of their own people and nation, or interests better to say. They walk side by side of groups that are known as terrorists and criminals by the rules of law because they are misled by the enchantments of “have we ever been a threat to your people and country?” totally disregarding the atrocities these groups have perpetrated against other peoples and nations for whom they shed crocodile tears of sympathy.

Once home secretary under Margaret Thatcher’s government, Lord Waddington in his comments, published in The Scotsman, said in defence of MKO stated: “Laws passed to defend our society against terrorism are being used by the Iranian regime to buttress its own position and to make it easier to crush dissent within the country”.

Lord Waddington seems to have forgotten that MKO is hardly a “dissent within the country” for Iranian regime; the group is lying at his own county’s gate at the moment. It is hard to accept that he knows nothing of the group’s past bloody terrorist activities in Iran predating and postdating 2001 when he shows his objection to the EU’s decision of maintaining MKO on its list of terror:

Shamefully, the European Council has refused to honour and abide by the CFI ruling, claiming – wrongly – that the finding was merely procedural. When forced to state the evidence on which it relied, it advanced only irrelevant allegations that do not even relate to the present time, but predate 2001.

The group’s cult-like preaching infused with its old notorious motto of ‘the end justifies the means’ embolden all insiders, at the command of the leaders, to sacrifice themselves along with whoever in wherever to accomplish the ends of the organization. Once they were predominantly active inside Iran and now in European countries. The Iranian contemporary history is full of bloody pages of the group’s terrorist operations and assassinations. But its tactics are different in other countries; Western citizens hardly fail to remember the instances of the group’s cult-like self-immolations in Paris, London and some other Western cities that demonstrated MKO’s potentiality to jeopardize social security and psychological health.

The supporters of MKO, whether being of any political weight or not, that act as the mouthpiece of the organization to remove its name from the terrorist lists are not only betraying their own people but also Iranian nation. Nobody condemned the group’s deeds when it was shedding blood of Iranian citizens following its open declaration of a violent, military war against the regime because it was believed to be struggling for peace and freedom! Look how Lord Waddington justifies terrorist acts of MKO:

The PMOI never belonged on the terrorism list and the CFI has rightly ruled that it be removed. It is high time that our government acknowledged the ruling and removed the obstacles it has placed in the way of the PMOI as it struggles to draw attention to and mobilise opposition to a brutal regime. Surely the PMOI and NCRI deserve our support in the struggle for peace and freedom in their country.

It is really shameful to see that there are people who believe in support of terrorism for the accomplishment of democracy and peace. Only God knows what might happen to the nation whose freedom lies in the hands of terrorists. If people like Lord Waddington believe MKO deserve their support on behalf of Iranian people, then I, on behalf of the same people say oh, God save us from our friends.

Sattar Orangi, Mojahedin.ws, July 21, 2007

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