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Baqubah, Terrorism and MKO

The MKO is a remnant of former regime that has remained active in our country by deception and its goal is to disrupt the situation of new Iraq.

The organization, which acted under the control of former regime and enjoyed considerable equipments and facilities, is still trying to keep its sabotaging role since it’s aware that a fate like that of former regime is awaiting it. The hostility between Iran and occupiers, of course, has delayed the fate of this group.

What we see today in Diyalah (killing Shiites, terror and …) are all backed logistically and the terrorist group of Mojahedin-e Khalq has a history of such attacks. What’s happening inside Iraq is not irrelevant to the group. Group’s long presence in Iraq has helped the group to get good information about Iraq. This organization was a tool for former regime in suppressing opponents and attacking them. The group maintains its capabilities and is fully aware of developments in Iraq.

The comments of Iraqi interior minister on the MKO and their activities in Iraq exposed part of realities on terrorist operations in Diyalah and showed that the MKO was involved in the activities.

Controlling this organization will decrease terrorism in the province. They are terrorists and we should get rid of them.

It’s surprising to hear that it’s trying to maintain its presence in Iraq by slogans of democracy and liberty. In fact, they want to go on with their destabilizing activities. However, we are not surprised to see hypocrites appearing each day with a new face to get to their filthy goals.

I should repeat that former Baath party and its partners, including the MKO, is the major drive behind all problems and disasters in Iraq

Marwan Tofiq/Barasa news agency

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