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The Border Closed to Stop MKO

According to a report by institute for War & Peace Reporting the Iraqi government ordered the Munthiriya crossing point to be closed on February 15.

Although the closure of a major crossing point on the Iraq-Iran border is considered by some senior Kurdish figures as an attempt by the government to undermine the Iraqi-Kurdistan region, the Iraqi government insists that the closure of Munthiriya was a security measure to prevent the moves of MKO and other terrorist groups.

The Munthiriya was an international crossing-border and the Kurdish officials say its closure negatively influences the economy of Kurdistan and stops its development.

Abas al-Bayati, a member of the security and defense committee in the Iraqi government, reiterated that the closure of Munthiriya was due to security concerns along the border.

"There are movements of Mujahideen al-Khalq (an Iranian opposition group) and some other armed groups," he said, adding that Iraqi troops had been deployed along the Iranian border in Dyala province to combat these groups.

Mojahedin.ws  – 16/04/2007

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