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MEK terrorists in the corridors of human rights

The Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ the Cult of Rajavi) have been always active in the human rights bodies such as High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Geneva, Switzerland. While human rights activists including NGOs, semi-governmental organizations and government representatives from all over the world participate in the forums taken place in these places, the MEK operatives ambush in the corridors.

Although a significant portion of the actions and activities of participants are tailored to the needs of the state’s politics and the groups’ causes, it is nevertheless an opportunity for those who are trying to use the human rights literature and its components for their interests.

Sometimes there are guests at these summits and conferences, which basically have nothing to do with diplomatic and legal mechanisms. The groups like the destructive cult of Rajavi that have always taken actions with violence, weapon, assassination and crime, and their capacity and determination for terrorist acts still persist. The MEK is one of those groups whose agents go to the various housings of the United Nations Human Rights Council’s Corridors and Rooms each day; the question is, what do these terrorists want in this environment?

MEK lobby

It is clear that after being expelled from Iraqi territory, the MEK lost many of their capabilities, most notably in the field of armed action, and now it is inevitable foe them to escape from the prejudice that means the end of its cult-like entity. They have to play in other fields.

Coverage institutions
On the one hand, the relation between the group’s name and its terrorist activities has made it impossible for them to enter the Human Rights Council with the “Mujahedin Khalq” name. On the other hand, they want to escape from their records, which is precisely the violation of human rights. The most famous institution belonging to this group, which has been named after the United Nations Human Rights Council by the consultative council, is “Sudvin”, Which is a registered company in the Austrian state.

The members of the organization that are members of this institution at the Human Rights Council are people like Hasan Naeb Hashem and the Shole Zamini. These two and other members of the MEK, such as Farideh Karimi, also have no history of communicating with the group and its leaders on the Internet and they seemingly deny their association with this cult.

Recruiting people from out of the MEK
The MEK leaders in the Human Rights Council, both in terms of better preservation of the coverage and lack of troops, benefit from fugitive Europeans in need in Europe. Some of these people have been spending too little time hiring NGOs and are trained in the Council for advancing the organization’s interests within the Human Rights Council. These people, generally chosen from underprivileged Iranians, have no history of dealing with MEK.

Communication with Reporters
One of the most important elements of MEK in the context of the Human Rights Council is their power of rapprochement! By approaching the assistants and associates of UN official reporters, the MEK agents try hard to show off as a reliable source of news, documents and information. As an example, since Ahmad Shaheed was elected as Iran’s Special Reporter, members of the organization tried to establish close and even non-affiliated ties with the reporter’s assistants. Buying gifts or even paying bribes to reporters’ assistants is one of the common ways for organizations to approach them.

File formation against Iran
Members of MEK are forced to attend the United Nations from the first minutes of the beginning of the council until the last few seconds, and they also have duties to engage with other NGOs from other countries, meet with reporters and officials and communicate, gather news and information panels, and hold meetings. But some members of the organization, such as Hasan Naeeb Hashem, who make efforts to get the attention of media and human rights figures, try to connect with the convicts and security perpetrators inside Iran, and they are trying to line up and collect direct their cases against the Islamic Republic of Iran and submit to the UN.

In fact, MEK agents, in the course of directing to associates inside the country, try to lead people to more radical behaviors and eventually get heavier judicial sentences! This could lead to better results for the MEK file formation against the Islamic Republic.

Activities in unrelated areas of Iran
The MEK agents have also came into unrelated issues with the Islamic Republic of Iran. Earlier, the organizers never entered the issues that had nothing to do with Iran. But at the recent summit, agents of the organization took part in all human rights panels in Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Syria and … They are trying to link themselves to the interests of countries such as Saudi Arabia.

Promotional commotion that shut down
One of the permanent parts of the organization during the UN Human Rights Council was the launch of its media and propaganda commotion, and this kind of movement has always been important for the MEK. The MEK activists, mobilized their uneducated and unusable forces and organized them for a month to set up a rally in front of the United Nations.

The gathering was organized with the MEK’s own logo and name, and in fact it was similar to other gatherings of the MEK. It was a show to prove that they still have supporters and fans and can still work. This section of the organization that has been active for many years in the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, has been stopped with consultation of the NGOs against terrorism with the Human Rights Council for several years and is no longer qualified for members of MEK. Although attempts of the group to obtain permission still continues.

MEK travels in diplomatic apparel in the corridors of the United Nations Human Rights Council, to work against the Islamic Republic of Iran and at same time on behalf of its state sponsors such as the Saudi regime, as far as the group is banned from using arms and violent acts.

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