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Family is taboo except after death

Family in the MEK Cult

In human society, family is a group of people related either by birth or affinity. The purpose of families should be to maintain the well-being of its members and of society. It is the essential element and the fundamental pillar of society; and many societies in the world regard the protection and support of the family as their fundamental principles, since the decline or rise of each society is closely linked to the inner situation of each family.

On the other hand, the formation of a family is one of the basic rights of every person. This right, like other basic rights such as having a job and choosing a place of residence, is inevitable, and nobody can deny this right from another.

The above-mentioned statements are perfectly rational and acceptable to each audience. It is even surprising to everyone that, in the twenty-first century, leaders of a small society violate these logical principles. Today there are sects out there that deny this simple principle. They oppose the foundations of family.

Among destructive cults, the Cult of Rajavi (MKO/ MEK/ Mujahedin Khalq/ PMOI) has escaped the principle of family , forbidding the foundation of family as its fundamental organizational principle.

Family in the MEK Cult

In fact, family is a strange word which is scarified in the cult-like regulations of the MEK. Rules such as compulsory marriage, forced celibacy, forced divorce, separation of children from parents, the sterilization of women, and many other components represent the violation of family rights by the MEK.

However, family turn out to become useful for the MEK leaders. In December 2018, one of the most famous MKO members, Mohammad Seyedi Kashani, in the Garrison of Ashraf 3 in Albania, died because of his age.
At the time of his funeral in the cemetery of Ashraf, the famous fringe occurred; the presence of people with flowers. They showed up as Seyed Kashani’s family. Perhaps, the most remarkable fringe for the ceremony was a paper on which it was written “family”. In the pictures of two women with flowers, moving to the grave of the man; you will find that one of them is Shohreh Moghadas, the wife and the other one, the daughter of Seyedi Kashani.

But why is the name of the family surprising to the audience? The answer to this question should be sought in the history of the MEK. After the heavy defeat the group in the “Eternal Light” against Iranian border, Massoud Rajavi called the operation as an “insurance letter” for the management and reduction of members’ protests for the failure of “Forough Javidan” and its heavy casualties for the organization.

All members were blamed for the failure. People got stuck in the “Chahar zebr” Strait (a location of a horrible battle in the operation), because of thousands of straits in their minds! And in fact, their “monotheism” was incomplete because they had to think about the leadership in their minds and they should not depend on anyone else in terms of emotional affairs and considered the interests of a husband and wife as partners and the members should only be interested in their leader, Massoud Rajavi.

These arguments were the introduction to another “ideological revolution” known as the “divorce revolution”. To control individuals, Massoud Rajavi considered the only factor in the failure of the organization to be an individual’s affiliation with the family and, in order to counteract it, sought to oppose the “individuality and gender” of the organization, and then members of the organization took a divorce and even insulted each other. Seyedi Kashani and Shohreh Moghaddas were not excluded from this and were obliged to obey Massoud orders, in addition to having a child. Shohreh Moghaddas went to France in March 1993 with Maryam and no longer returned to Iraq, and daughter of Seyedi Kashani was taken to Iraq in 1991 in a sectarian movement.

This is a story of the lives of many people who have been condemned to death in the Rajavi cult, and see their being excluded because, contrary to the principles of nature, in this sect, only death can be a factor in forming a family. When you observe Seyedi Kashani’s burial video, you are more likely to realize the reality of the secularism of the MKO. A woman and girl who have been for years not allowed to meet with their other family members, and only permission, is to attend the funeral. It is possible that if Massoud Rajavi, the head of the terrorist cult of the MKO, was presents on that day, he would condemn and blame the woman and daughter for expressing their kindness and grief.

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