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The US and the Issue of Terrorism in Iraq

According to the Iraqi Al Sabah newspaper, the US and Iran are expected to discuss weapons leaked from Iran to groups termed “terrorist” by the US, the Mujahedin Al Khalq organization, US manoeuvres in the Gulf and the US forces’ pull-out from Iraq.

The US allegation posed against Iran in helping what the US calls terrorist and insurgent groups before anything calls down the US dual manner in its war against terrorism, the made excuse to invade Afghanistan and Iraq.

The US is well aware of the fact that MKO, long supported by Saddam and his accomplice in many crimes, surrendered its arms only when it was forced to and had no other choice. The group has been on the State Department’s list of Terrorist Organizations since it was first initiated in 1997. However, the group is under the US protection at a time when Iran is rebuked for helping the groups with no terrorist identity on the State Department.

The US has to convince the Iraqis calling for the expulsion of MKO. The US should convince the Iranian part to have confidence in its claims of waging a war against terrorism. But can you convince others that you are concerned about the threat of terrorism and intend to uproot it while you take a most hated terrorist group under your cloak to protect it against any harm?

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