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MEK’s tricks to build resistance units


“Resistance unit” is the title used by the propaganda of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi) to show off about its popular bade inside Iran but under the cover of so-called resistance units they just try to connect with young users of social networks inside Iran to provoke them to commit acts of sabotage and violence.
The most important goal of this project, which has been ordered by the leaders of the group in Europe and has been carried out by the group’s agents in the cyberspace, was to demonstrate the power of the MEK inside Iran for Western supporters.

The secondary goal of the project, which is still important to the leaders of the group, is to induce the potential supporters inside Iran in order to maintain current members inside the group’s camps in Europe – who have been asking to leave the group for the past decades.
However, experience and history have proven that the lack of a social base of Mujahedin Khalq in Iran has always been an obstacle to the success of the group in producing serious protests in Iran. One of the unsuccessful projects is the establishment of the very resistance units.


The fraudulent tactics to establish resistance units received a blow with a wave of revelations on the fraud of MEK, and with the infiltration in resistance units, a significant drop took place in the number of the so-called units.
Henceforth, nowadays, MEK is trying to create an opportunity to rebuild the plan with changes in recruitments, including the areas to recruit targets. MEK commanders have planned to target certain demographic settings that are more likely to succeed. Failed attempts to recruit members for resistance units have led MEK leaders to look for operatives in more specific clusters of the Iranian society.

Schools and work places are among the targeted clusters for MEK to create and launch protest movements. According to the group leaders, these environments create better opportunities to mobilize chaos. For example, in schools, the influence of peers and incomplete awareness about political issues helps MEK agents to deceive their targets with less difficulty. It seems that social activists, teachers and parents must be vigilant about the threat of the destructive cult of Rajavi in the social networks.

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