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Testimonies of a girl running many “Resistance Units” at the same time!

Shiva is a 37 year-old-girl, single and living with her mother. She is artistic. She writes poetries and paints. Opening her tweeter account, ten months ago, she started publishing her poems on tweeter. Some of the poetries were political criticizing the government. This was an opportunity for agents of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO/MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi) to recruit her.

MEK's fake resistance units

The first time that an MKO agent messaged her she was frightened. “I won’t work with you “, she told the female recruiter. But, the trolls did not stop brainwashing her. Two other agents, Sohrab and Forough kept on their manipulation plan to convince Shiva to work for them.

Ultimately, she was coerced to play the role of several “Resistance Units”. “I was told to print the pictures of the group leaders and hang them in different places, on various occasions and then take photos or film,” Shiva told Fars News Agency. “The photos and the locations should not be repetitive. Actually, I was acting as different resistance units. Forough wanted me to show that the Cult of Rajavi has a lot of supporters in Iran. So, I had to use different slogans, different pics, and different handwritings as if there are different resistance units.”

Eventually, Forough asked Shiva to establish a real resistance unit at least with two people. “I asked my cousins to help me take photos of the so-called resistance unit but they just made fun of me,” Shiva recalled. “I was sure that nobody in my family and friends would cooperate with me. I told it to forough. Yet, she made more bizarre suggestions. For example, she told me to give Rajavi’s pictures to the children in the neighborhood and then take photos while they cover their faces with the pictures. “
But, Shiva found it immoral. “Those children had no idea of whose picture they were. The organization wanted me to abuse them,” she said.
Shiva was arrested after eight months. “Gradually they were coercing me to do more difficult missions,” she said. “Recently they regularly told me to find some people to do more important missions together for example firing a military station.”
“I am really sorry for doing those jobs,” Shiva says.

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