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MKO’s New Tricks in Iraq Revealed

The terorrist cult of the Mojahedin-e khalq in Iraq, which has been strongly destabilized since the formation of new government, resorts to all tricks to create division among people, but it has recently started new efforts that are wholly against the national interests of Iraqis.

1. supporting remnants of Baath party and putting them face to face with Badr Brigade and eventually the Shiites. In its websites, the cult of Rajavi is trying to introduce all accidents and events as the “plots” of Badr brigade against Sunnis. They attribute all terrorist acts in Iraq to Shiites, in order to win the attraction of Americans beside softening the anti-MKO atmosphere in Iraq.

In an analysis on the activities of terrorist groups in Iraq , including the MKO, to exaggerate the issue of a detention center in the Interior ministry, an Iraqi political expert said: “This plot was planned to weaken the Iraqi coalition list and Iraq’s enemies try to demonize Shiites and weaken their position, by attributing these illegal affairs to them.”

Speaking on the condition of anonymity due to terrorist threats, this expert stressed: “Iraqi people know well that the illegal acts have nothing to do with Shiites and Iraqi officials. The Iraqi coalition list will win the majority votes and with its victory, the Iraqi people, who have been under torture and pressure of Saddam for years, would be able to get to their rights. Also, Iraqi people will take part in all social-political affairs of their country.”

“There’s no doubt that, as Prime Minister and the President said, those who committed crimes must be punished. However, it’s astonishing that those behind the Abu Ghraib scandal, those who stayed silence despite seeing the crimes against Iraqis, those who have imprisoned and tortured tens of their own dissidents now make noise about the detention of 70 people and try to take advantage of this case for getting to their own goals,” he said.

It should be noted that 70 percent of MKO TV programs have been allocated to Iraq’s internal affairs. MKO interferes in Iraq affairs and still claims that it has not been involved when Saddam was in power.

2. Rajavi’s cult is also spending a lot of energy to extend the presence of Americans in Iraq. For instance, they repeat this claim that Iranian regime will take the control of Iraq in the case that the US retreats from this country. With these stupid claims, they create a kind of legitimacy for the continuation of occupation.

3. Exploiting the criticisms of officials and party leaders towards each other; MKO uses their comments to show that they are working against US interests in Iraq.

4. Spreading baseless propaganda and claiming that some groups and figures have ties to the Iranian regime. They try to engage officials in futile conflicts to take advantage.

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