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Families of MEK members are still hopeful to see their loved ones

Mohammad Jaafar Najafi Mum

“Where are you that you have no access to a telephone?” Sedigheh Najafi asked her son, Mohammad Jaafar who has been captive in the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi) for 30 years.
The family of Mohammad Jaafar Najafi have been looking forward to seeing their son for almost thirty years. They made efforts to meet him when the MEK was located in Camp Ashraf, Iraq. The family traveled to Iraq to visit their beloved Mohammad Jaafar in front of the gates of Ashraf but they were not allowed to see him by the leaders of the group.

Mohammad Jaafar Najafi Mum

Mohammad Jaafar Najafi Mum in front of Camp Ashraf – Iraq

“I went to Ashraf with my other brothers and sisters to visit Mohammad Jaafar but we were not allowed to enter the camp,” Mahin, a sister of Mohammad Jaafar’s says. “A group of MEK members treated us as their enemy. They insulted us and threw rocks at us.”
Mohammad Jaafar’s family are still hopeful to see him some day, although he is now settled in the group’s camp in Albania and the Albanian authorities do not permit families of MEK members to travel to their country from Iran.

The Najafis still write open letters to their son in the hope that he might be able to read letters somehow. “We are concerned about the life of our son in the MEK”, the Najafis wrote in one of their open letters to the Albanian government. “We ask you to aid us in order to return our beloved son to the family.”

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