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New documentary reveals truth about MKO

Ebrahim Khodabandeh; the CEO of Nejat Society

The trailer released on Thursday for the documentary movie “From Tirana to Tehran ” is so powerful in its message about the MKO and its practices that it leaves no room for doubting why every defector that has managed to flee, insists on calling it a cult where members are required to demonstrate complete devotion to its leader.

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The movie is inspired by a book of the same name written by a defector who managed to escape the camp two decades ago and who has dedicated his life to raising public awareness about the truth about this cult.

The movie also highlights the new methods of recruitment through social media platforms by the MKO’s so-called “keyboard warriors”—a group of about 300 MKO members who run fake social media accounts.

This is not the first time the MKO is using social media to advance its agenda… previous reports by other TV channels had also revealed their strategy.

The Mojahedin Khalgh Organization or the MKO is a known terrorist organization. It has killed more than 17,000 Iranians over the past 43 years and now it is actively involved in the riots in Iran instigating the younger generation through social media to carry out acts of vandalism. The best way to counter this terrorist organization is to raise public awareness and this is the main focus of the movie.

Gisoo Misha Ahamdi

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