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New threat by Rajavi cult to take revenge against critics in Europe

A brief by Iran Interlink on July 13, 2007 titled:"Massoud Rajavi name in Mojahedin propaganda signals a cult spiraling toward disaster" reported a number of recent attacks by the henchmen of the Mojahedin Khalq Terrorist cult in European countries against its critics.


We have now received reports of a new wave of organized attempts this time using the Mojahedin’s pseudonym the National Council of Resistance of Iran, to silence both critics and human right activists across Europe who have striven to expose the group as a destructive and dangerous cult.

On August 26, 2007 in a program broadcast by the Mojahedin’s clandestine TV station, Abolghasem (Mohsen) Rezaee, a member of the NCRI, repeated Massoud Rajavi’s order that his critics and in particular the outspoken critics of the cult in European countries, should be eliminated. Massoud Rajavi, who is believed to be a guest of former Saddam Supporters in Jordan (where the new HQ of the Iraqi Baath Party has relocated and where high ranking officials of the Saddam regime enjoy the hospitality of King Abdollah) gave a written, public order to the cult members to eliminate anyone who dares to speak against the organization. This order came only days after cult members attacked a public meeting in Paris which resulted in serious bloodshed and the arrest of about 50 cult members by French police.

Such violent attacks have become widespread over recent weeks to the point that even individuals like Mr Amir Farshad Ebrahimi – who is by no means a dedicated critic of the Mojahedin Khalq – has been physically assaulted by cult members in Germany.

Iran Interlink has been informed that the Rajavi cult, using the alias "National Council of Resistance of Iran will hold a so-called News Conference .

According to Iran Interlink’s source, the aim of the Conference, which has not been announced publicly and invitations to which have been limited to a discreet handful of journalists and politicians, is "to take revenge against the critics and victims" of the cult who have been exposing the war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by Massoud and Maryam Rajavi under the protection of Saddam Hussein over a period of 25 years.

Since the fall of benefactor Saddam Hussein, the Mojahedin Khalq has spent massive organizational and financial resources but has failed to convince western countries to remove the group from the lists of terrorist entities. The Mojahedin Khalq and its aliases are officially considered as a terrorist entity and subsequently remains banned in the US, UK, European Union and Canada. Additionally, in its annual terrorism review published April 2007, the US State Department upgraded its assessment of the group to describe it as a terrorist cult.


Previously in May 2005, Human Rights Watch, after thorough investigation described the group as a cult.


 On August 22, 2007, Iraqi High Court Prosecutor, Jafar al-Mousawi, said in an interview with Mehr News that an arrest warrant (through Interpol) has been issued for 150 MKO members including Massoud and Maryam Rajavi and that they would be prosecuted.


Iran Interlink has been informed that several survivors of the Rajavi cult, resident in Europe, have sent a letter to the National Council of Resistance demanding a presence in the Conference where they would present the overwhelming evidence and documents about the activities of this terrorist organization. They have not received any answer to date.

Iran Interlink believes the on-going escalation of violent activities ordered by cult leaders must be a cause for serious alarm for the authorities of western countries, especially Germany, France and the Netherlands. The cult has in the past carried out many violent attacks in Europe as well as orchestrated self-immolations in the streets of capitals of European countries.

As their base in Iraq is being dismantled by the Iraqi government and as Massoud and Maryam Rajavi find themselves nearer to the corridors of international courts, the possibility of an outbreak of fatal terrorist activities by the cult members in western countries cannot be over estimated by any means.

Iran Interlink Brief, August 2007

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