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Rajavi cult Threatens Separated Members in Europe

Open letter to Secretary General of AIblank


Honorable and Esteemed the Secretary General of Amnesty International

On 15th of April 2009, PMOI published a letter which was written by a person named Ali Pak. In this letter which contains lots of alleged accusations against some of the separated veteran – members of PMOI and some prominent and distinguished Iranian- personalities who are very well respected because of their opposition against Iranian government among people not only in Iran but also in Western and European Countries.

This letter, which PMOI’s operatives claimed was written by a person named Ali Pak, has accused many people of having connection with Iranian intelligence service.

I as a separated veteran member of PMOI with more than two decades suffering and torment in Rajavi’s Cult, would like to indicate the following facts:

1. As I mentioned many times in my articles, the PMOI is a terrorist organization which is taking advantage of democracy and freedom in foreign countries specially in Europe, to propagandize in favor of its cultish culture and ideology, and unfortunately they have succeeded to deceive some members of parliaments in different countries and as a result of that, they have found some lobbies among the members of some parliaments. I would like to emphasize that nothing has changed in the violent and brutal ideology, the entity and essence of this cult. The only thing which has changed in this cult is their foreign policy which is based on complete deception and hypocrisy, especially after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.

2. PMOI is on the verge of ideological, political and organizational decomposition and annihilation especially after being disarmed by coalition forces led by USA and after its defeat in its strategy, armed struggle, and losing its military capability which was formed in its army, National Liberation Army of Iran(NLA).

3. ASHRAF garrison which was the PMOI’s most powerful military base in Iraq during Saddam Hussein’s reign is on the edge of closure forever by Iraqi government , and all 3500 residents and inhabitants of this base are notified of such a decision. They have been given two options by Iraqi government either to repatriate freely to their motherland, Iran, or to find a third country to settle.

4. Despite of all expensive efforts and endeavors which PMOI’s operatives carried out and implemented to prevent its separated members to reach to European countries, fortunately many separated members who had been kept in American camp called TIPF as detainees for almost five years, succeeded to leave the camp behind and via hiring human smugglers managed to leave Iraq and enter European countries to start a new life. Some of those separated members who had been living more than two decades in PMOI, despite dangers decided to open their mouth and began revealing the most heinous, horrendous, terrifying and scandalous facts which PMOI’s operatives have tried their best to hide them fully from the public thoughts since the fall of Saddam Hussein. The facts which ruins the moderate and democratic face of PMOI’s leaders before western and European governments.

5. I am asking the leaders of this so called organization to bring their unstable accusations to the court of law and deal with those accusations before judge and jury. I welcome to such a decision to go to the court of law, because this idea of taking our case (PMOI’s crimes) to the court of law has been our request from parliamentarians and governmental officials since our entrance to Europe. I have a lot to say before judge and jury regarding my observations and experiences about PMOI’s crimes against the people of Iraq and suppression, repression and even slaying and killing many political dissidents who were totally against PMOI’s barbaric and in-humane policy towards Iraqi people and its own members. I have mentioned many times in different occasions that I am ready to co-operate with all humanitarian organizations and governments to reveal and disclose all those crimes which PMOI has perpetrated during Saddam Hussein’s reign. We are efficient and reliable witnesses to testify about our direct observations from the crime scenes. For that reason the PMOI’s leadership is very upset and furious and they have begun to make absurd and preposterous accusations against the dissidents as well as beating up the former members who are living in Europe.

6. The PMOI which accuses us of working for Iran’s intelligence service probably has forgotten that during Saddam Hussein’s reign, they handed over many of their dissidents to Saddam Hussein’s security officials to send them back to Iran forcibly to exchange them with Iraqi P.O.W’s who were captive in Iran. They sent almost all to Iran despite of their unwillingness and fear of being persecuted and tortured in Iran. We have not forgotten that in those days there were neither a U.N office nor the Red Cross in Baghdad, but PMOI officials did not bother themselves and they chose the easiest way and the most lucrative one to get rid of all those dissidents, which was selling them to Saddam and forcing them to repatriate.

7. Despite of all the pressures and confinements which I had in U.S camp, but I did not surrender and give up, on the contrary I persevered and I did not repatriate to Iran. I persevered and resisted and I succeeded to stay in U.S camp till 26th of April, 2008 when the U.S camp was shut down. We all spent almost five years of our life and tolerated the difficult and harsh conditions in that camp, because we did not want to repatriate to Iran.

8. The only reason the PMOI’s officials labeled us as Iran’s mercenaries is our decision to separate from them for good. We were full of information which could jeopardize their organizational benefits and profits. We knew much about their illicit and illegitimate relations with Saddam Hussein and his government. The information which can ruin and destroy the PMOI’s deceitful and hypocritical face and reveal their real cultish essence.

9. Our lives are in danger. PMOI’s officials do not want us to go to a court of law and open a file against the crimes that they perpetrated. They have threatened, beaten up and labeled separated people in European countries many times. Few weeks ago the henchmen of PMOI assaulted and threatened Mr. Mohammad Hussein Sobhani (the former member of PMOI) in city of Cologne / Germany. They told him if he does not stop talking against PMOI, they will punish him so badly that the biggest piece left of him will be his ear.

10. The PMOI operatives are acting like bullies and they do not tolerate any criticism specially criticism which is made and expressed against the leaders of PMOI.









Hassan Piransar, Iran Peyvan, Paris, May 05, 2009

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