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Mehdi Hamidfar’s mother asks for his return

While leaders of the Mujahedin-e Khalq claims to advocate human rights for Iranian people, they are the most horrific violators of human rights. Tajodoleh Heidarian is one of hundreds of mothers whose beloved children are taken as hostages in Rajavi’s cult-like organization located in Albania.

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Mehdi Hamidfar was kidnapped by the MEK agents three decades ago. Since then, his mother has been deprived from visiting or contacting him.

Tajodoleh has made efforts to rescue her son. When the group was located in Iraq, she traveled to Iraq, she picketed behind the gates of Camp Ashraf, she cried and shouted the name of her son, but she was never allowed to visit Mehdi. Today she is still taking actions appealing for the release of her son in the international human rights organizations.

Besides, she sends video messages to Nejat Society website in the hope that Mehdi will see them some day. This is her recent message on the occasion of Persian new year.

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