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Mother and son, a separation by the MEK

Mehdi Hamidfar mum

Mehdi Hamidfar, member of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization (the MKO/ MEK/ PMOI/ Cult of Rajavi) is from Kermanshah, Iran. In 1997, as a young boy, he told his mother that he was supposed to go mountain climbing with his friends but he never got home back. The MEK recruiters deceived him to move to Iraq. They smuggled him through Kurdestan, Iraq to join the group in camp Ashraf.

Mehdi Hamidfar mother-kermanshah

Since then, Mehdi has not contacted his family. In 2003, a former member of the MEK called Mehdi’s family telling them that Mehdi was in the MEK. His parents went to Camp Ashraf to visit him. Mehdi was allowed meet his parents for only two hours. The parents were not allowed to stay in Ashraf. “It was clear that he wanted to leave the camp and come with us but he was terrified,” Mehdi’s mother, Tajodoleh Heidarian says. “If I talk of leaving the group, I will be tortured, he said.”

After that short visit, Mehdi’s family traveled to Iraq several times but the MEK leaders did not allow them to visit their beloved son any more. His brothers, Bizhan and Iraj believe that Mehdi is not actually a member of the MEK but he is taken as a hostage by the group leaders.

Today, Mehdi is still in the MEK’s Camp Ashaf 3 in Albania. He is not permitted to leave the group. His mother is still looking forward to his release from the Cult of Rajavi. She has written several letters to her beloved son, to the International human rights bodies and the Albanian government.

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