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Who Are True Believers in MKO?

Focusing on the subject of members’ suicide fafter the organization’s internal ideological revolution within MKO, Saeed Shahsavandi in his session 129 of interview with the Voice of Iran, originally in Farsi, said that it was all an outcome of the ideological revolution. He asserted that following the revolution, the true believers were those who unquestionably submitted to Rajavi and blindly carried out his orders. Whoever stood on an opposite line was the traitor:

In such a system you are either a critic, who is a traitor in their opinion, or a true believer  as Hoffer explains. True believers are in fact those who set themselves on fire without question.

Quoting Rajavi, Shahsavandi asserted that after the ideological revolution nothing could be included in the organization’s fixed bipolar thought; be either committed to the leader or be called a traitor. However, the ideological revolution is not a process to be ceased ever, since committed suicides and self-immolation might raise doubts which are dangerous and has to be prevented:

At the same time when a number of the insane set themselves on fire, there are others in whose minds doubts are formed. The revolution has to be continued to stop formation of doubts.

Mojahedin.ws – Sep. 27, 2007


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