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Expert outlines reasons for US and UK support to MEK

Expert outlines reasons for US and UK support to Mojahedin-e-Khalq (Rajavi cult)

Interview with Ali Kordi, 1 August 2008 Experts outlines reasond for US and UK support to MEK

Translated by BBC Monitoring Middle East

Text of Interview by Politics Desk with Ali Kordi, senior expert at the Centre for Islamic Revolution Documents, headlined: "Britain and America want to preserve the Monafeqin" published by the Iran news paper on 28 July

Politics Desk: At the end of the month of Tir 1367 [21 June to 21 July 1988], the Monafeqin ["hypocrites"; reference to the Mojahedin-e-Khalq Organization, MKO] group, held a meeting with the Ba’thist regime officials and reached the conclusion that with the support of the armed forces of Saddam Hussain, particularly his Air Force, it can launch a military operation and bring down the Iranian central government. These operations were named "The eternal radiance". However, merely few days after their beginning, the Monafeqin were stopped at the Hasanabad Pass [in western Iran] through a series of collective operations by the forces of the [Islamic Revolution] Guards Corps, the Basij, and the Army Aviation Corps and were forced to flee. The combatants [Iranian armed forces] named these operations, Mersad. In this connection, we have talked to Ali Kordi, a senior expert at the Islamic Revolution Documents Centre.

[Question by unidentified Iran reporter] What was the starting point of the ideological problems inside the Monafeqin group, which finally culminated in the situation whereby they drew their arms against the common people of Iran and the launching of Mersad operation?

[Kordi] In reality, the starting point for the ideological problems of the Monafeqin with the people and the political system was something inherent in the nature and essence of that group in the first place. This is because the Monafeqin group is one of the eclectic groups of our society, and as such, its members could never demonstrate that they are in harmony with the prevailing ideology and belief of our society. The Monafeqin could not tolerate the victories of the forces of the Path of the Imam [Khomeyni], as the school of pure Islam, and therefore, they relied on their eclectic mode of thought, and subsequently pointed their guns at the Islamic society of our country.

[Reporter] Despite their Iraqi presence and patronage of Saddam Hussain, why do the Monafeqin group still think that they enjoy popularity in Iran?

[Kordi] Mas’ud Rajavi and the leadership cadres in general in the Monafeqin group are severely suffering from personality cult and they always believe that they are among the most popular organizations and entities. Even during the days of planning "The eternal light" (Mersad) operations, the individuals who had joined the organization from Iran in order to take part in the operations, had objected to the way the operations had been designed and planned, and had said that the people are with the [government] system, and it is not going to be that easy to reach Tehran. Apparently, Mas’ud Rajavi became angry and agitated, and told them: "You know nothing about the situation inside Iran!"

[Reporter] Why at the present, some Western countries, such as America and Britain, are supporting the Monafeqin group? What is the special and specific function of that group at present juncture?

[Kordi] Up to now, America and Britain have tried to preserve the Monafeqin organization as one of the forces which are hostile to the Islamic Republic system of Iran, even though they know very well that this organization does not enjoy any influence and impact on the Iranian domestic affairs. However, based on the premise of foreign powers extending support and backing to the hostile opposition forces, they continue to support the Monafeqin. In fact, the only special function of the Monafeqin is to confirm the existence of an Iranian force which is strongly opposed to the Islamic Republic. The mission of the Monafeqin is to show some Western countries that the situation in Iran never enjoys political stability, and the Islamic state has opponents, such as them.

[Reporter] Do you think that the foreign-based hostile opposition groups are likely to take up arms against the Islamic Republic of Iran again?

[Kordi] The situation in today’s Iran is very different from the circumstances which prevailed in the early 1360s decade [early 1980s]. Not only small groups such as the Mojahedin, but also major powers and countries too are not capable of confronting Iran. The recent missile manoeuvres of the [Islamic Revolution] Guards Corps bears testimony to that fact. On the other hand, it must be recalled that after the defeat of the National Council for Resistance and the alliance of the Monafeqin and Bani-Sadr, none of the current political groups are prepared to cooperate with the monopolistic and oligarchic Monafeqin organization.

Source: Iran, Tehran, in Persian 28 Jul 08

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