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A Camp Ashraf in France

Once and following the French police raid against MKO’s HQs in Auvers-sur-Oise, M. Bousquet de Florian, the director of French counter-intelligence, confirmed that many MKO leaders had returned to France since the American intervention in Iraq to turn “Auvers-sur-Oise into an operational headquarters for terrorism”. It was hard to believe what he meant. The Camp Ashraf once turned into a bastion of terrorist plots and operational headquarters heavily supported by Saddam, now MKO needed new HQs the patron being fallen.

Reported by VO news on 24 September 2008, a number of elected representatives of Val-d’Oise gathered to support the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK). As the report states, “sixty mayors of Val-d’Oise support the PMOI, main opposition to the regime to the mullahs in Tehran. All are demanding the withdrawal of the Iranian Resistance from the list of terrorist organizations of the European Union”.

In its 8 October 2006 edition, the paper Al Irak Al-Yom wrote: "72 sheikhs and leaders of the tribes in the vicinity of Ashraf City, while supporting the charter of honor of the tribal sheikhs of all the Province of Diyali which states that the People’s Mojahedin are honorary citizens and members of their tribes, signed a new charter in which they undertake the defense of Ashraf City against all threats constituted from the ruling regime in Iran. They emphasized that any attack against the People’s Mojahedin and Ashraf City amounted to an attack against themselves, their families and their tribes".

Now the Province of Diyali in Iraq becomes known as Val-d’Oise in France in the same way that the mayors of Val-d’Oise replace the Iraqi sheikhs and tribe leaders. Has France really accented to the formation of another Camp Ashraf in the heart of the country?

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