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Maryam Garrison: Center for MKO’s crimes

In 1981, the terrorist cult of Mujahedin-e-Khalq officially started its armed struggle against the regime of Iran in order to achieve power. The cult of MKO which had cooperated with the Islamic regime in the post revolutionary phases of the formation of the regime finally broke down with the Islamic Republic and ended with an armed clash between the both sides.

Masud Rajavi, MKO’s guru, who claimed to be the first power, failed in all his tricks to gain political power in Iran, so in 1981 he declared his armed struggle against the Islamic regime. Then he fled Iran and settled in France together with his high ranking cult members. In France they resided in Auvers-Sur-Oise the small country side in the Province of Cergie Pontoise, where the cult leaders used as their headquarters to control their terrorist operations and also launch their political campaign and propaganda in the west.

However, some years later, Masud Rajavi was forced to leave France and inhabit in Iraq but Auvers-Sur-Oise has always had an active part in MEK’s terror acts.

During their three decades of terrorist activities, after the Islamic Revolution, the MKO has had two main bases:

1.    Camp Ashraf in Diyala Province, Iraq.

2.    Camp Maryam in Auvers-Sur-Oise, France.

Although, after the Masud Rajavi’s settlement in Iraq under Saddam Hussein’s support, Camp Ashraf was MKO headquarters to lead its terror activities, Camp Maryam in Auvers-Sur-Oise has also played an vital role for years.

After the fall of Saddam’s dictatorship and the disappearance of Masud Rajavi and the flee of Maryam Rajavi to France, Camp Maryam could find its central role once more.

Despite MKO’s designation as a terrorist organization by the EU, the French government has tolerated the existence of Mujahedin terrorist in French territory under the pretext of freedom and human rights.

But now, the human rights activists and freedom advocates are exactly asking for more control on Camp Maryam in France to stop human rights violations in the camp.

According to the testimonies made by former members of the cult, unfortunately it should be said that the cult officials’ behavior toward members is so violent and inhumane.

Since the most high ranking person in the cult is now Maryam Qajar Azdanlu (Rajavi), Masud Rajavi’s wife, the direct responsibility of the committed crimes is on her. It should be noted that the cult members consider Maryam Rajavi as the second leader and Masud Rajavi’s co leader.

Let’s have a look at the condition of captured ones in Camp Maryam and view the cases of human rights violations there:

1.    The residents of Camp Maryam, in France, are completely under the control of Maryam Azdanlu (Rajavi) and the high commandants, having no free will to decide and behave freely. They are under intensive supervision.

2.    They are never allowed to leave the camp except in group and by the permission of officials of the cult.

3.    They have no access to mass media except MKO’s TV channels.

Note: The political teams of MEK who work on political affairs are only allowed to have the access to a limited number of TV, Radio or websites that have already been assigned by the leaders.

4.    They are never allowed to contact their families and to get married.

Note: The only married person in the cult is Maryam Qajar.

5.    No man or woman has the right to discuss the social or political issues with the other one.

6.    The men are not allowed to sit at the same table where the women have their meals.

7.    The restrooms, bedrooms, bathrooms… in camp Maryam is separated for male and female members and no one is allowed to enter the places allocated to the opposite sex.

8.    Sexual relationships are forbidden in the cult of Rajavi.

9.    The 24 hours of a day are completely scheduled. There is no free time or free will for the individuals so as they have even no opportunity to think of anything except the organization and its ideology.

10. The mentally captured ones in the cult of Rajavi suffer mental problems due to extreme mental pressure and they need psychological treatments.

11. In Camp Maryam there are some individuals who have never left the camp for years, they are actually imprisoned.

12. Camp Maryam residents are forced to attend meetings every night and give a report on their activities and declare their loyalty to the cult regulations.

13. The manipulation meetings which are held daily in Camp Ashraf  are usually accompanied with violence, insulting the members and even sometimes beating them.

14. Every week, mostly on Friday, the officials hold weekly meetings where the member has to confess the moments of his sexual thoughts…

15. Although the camp is protected by French police, all the walls are coveredwith the barbed wires.

16. The main commander of the camp is Maryam Rajavi who enjoys a God-like personality and nobody has the right to disagree her. The ruling ordered by her are considered as the God’s rules and must be obeyed.

17. More and more, the camp is expanded because the MKO is transferring the most reliable Ashraf residents to France. Maryam Rajavi ordered to buy the neighboring houses in order to add them to the camp.

18. Most captured members of the cult are ready to commit suicide operations and self-immolations in France or elsewhere in Europe.

One should not forget that the horrible camp Maryam is located in the soil of a country which the authorities claim it to be the cradle of democracy and human rights.

Are the French authorities aware of the crimes committed in Camp Maryam, Auvers-Sur-Oise or because of their political interest have they closed their eyes to the facts?

All civil, human rights activists and institutions should warn the French government of the crimes committed in camp Maryam in order to prevent a human catastrophe happening. They have to close down the camp.

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