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Imaginary invaders of Camp Ashraf

As it is the case with majority of cult leaders, they always try to warn against imaginary enemies that might be jeopardizing the life of people. In most cases they threaten to strongly react in the case of any alien invasion or government intervention. As the evidences corroborate, the real victims of these claims have always been the insiders themselves rather than the outsiders. The message of Masoud Rajavi on 27 December is out-and-out based on fabrication, perversion, fallacy, and bluff. Surprisingly enough, the apparent paradoxical points of his statements have been hidden from the European advocates of the organization as well as its numerous critics. Following the analysis of this message in preceding articles, other points are to be elaborated on here.

The western advocates of Rajavi should take necessary precautions not to pave the way for turning MKO into another al-Qaeda or Taliban as a terrible nightmare for the US and its allies. Masoud Rajavi, the cultic leader of MKO, in the conclusion of his message refers to those politicians who are steadfastly and blindly supporting the notorious group he steers saying:

Yet as confirmed by compatriots, lawyers, parliamentarians, and prominent political figures different countries in the world, it is assured that in case of any invasion against the security and rights of Ashraf residents, the world will rise in protest.

An instance of his intended rise took place after the arrest of Maryam Azdanlu in France in June 2003 when a number of MKO cult members committed self-immolation in Paris streets; however, the revolt meant by Masoud Rajavi in his messages is of a different form. He is well aware that his European advocates are different from his absolute obedient disciples and he cannot even rely on them for half a day hunger strike in his support, let alone any form of protest. They can hardly understand some phenomena common in MKO like ideological revolution, sacrifice, etc and the fact is that it is just their diplomatic objectives that necessitate supporting an opposition to the Iranian government for a while.

Unfortunately, despite all investigations carried out by the France government and monitoring of Mojahedin illegal activities in France as well as the report of DST, France officials have been subject to passivity and condonation. However, Rajavi is well aware that he can just count on his own cultic levers like terrorist and suicide activities of MKO members not his western sympathizers who grab hold to propaganda blitz on Mojahedin and their status as a political lever for furthering their own diplomatic objectives and have nothing to do with Masoud and Maryam. A brief look at a statement made by the same backers may clarify the issue that westerners had identified the true nature of Mojahedin long before when they referred to them as a wolf in sheep’s clothing *. In fact, this is the most true picture of Mojahedin drawn by westerners.

Evidently, Masoud Rajavi is aware that the support offered by westerners as well as his own warning of an imminent invasion to Camp Ashraf is baseless. Nevertheless, he pursues his common cultic procedure of inculcating the international bodies with the idea of an assumed enemy ready to attack Camp Ashraf by which he has preserved the integrity of MKO and Camp Ashraf in recent years.

Now, he claims that the world is ready to rise against those invading Ashraf but refrains to say who these invaders might be. In addition, this question arises that if he demands international bodies to solve the problem of keeping the security of Camp Ashraf and its residents and, as he claims, he recognizes international rules and conventions more than their legislators, what is the rationale behind all his fabrication, perversion and propaganda war? 


* Gessler; Autopsy of an Ideological Drift, Translated byThomas R. Forstenzer, Published in France in 2004, chapter 15.

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