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Maryam Rajavi is a Slaughterer of Democracy

I was thinking in my privacy about the violent assault on MR. MOHAMMMAD HOSSEIN SOBHANI, in CITY of Koln, in Germany which happened few days ago.Maryam Rajavi orders her followers to assault on innocent people who stopped following her and her husband’s ideology

I was asking myself why they assaulted him. As far as I know he had spent many years of his life in that notorious cult, called PMOI. Long time ago, He decided to separate from that cult and start over his normal life in Germany as a free man.

So what is wrong with it? why do they not tolerate him to be free and live freely? I think MRS. MARYAM should step forward and answer this question. She should be accountable for her followers attitude and their behaviors in European countries. She orders her followers to assault on innocent people who stopped following her and her husband’s ideology and shamelessly she says nothing as if nothing has happened.

She calls herself the president elect, so she should be responsible and accountable for her insurgents’ violent attitude who assault people just because they do not worship her and her cult anymore.

The funny thing is while she speaks about democracy which she has in her mind. I want to ask her, is it the model- democracy which you have in your mind?

Giving orders and permission to your followers to assault people and beat them up just because they have chosen not to continue your cultish rules and regulations? These deeds shows your democracy perfectly.

Tagging people, who have rescued themselves from your hellish cult , as members of Iranian intelligence service , is your democracy? You cannot even tolerate and bear the smallest criticism against you and your husband , so how do you allow yourself to speak about freedom and democracy?

Let me translate the meaning of your democracy for your followers. Democracy in your logic means “ everybody who is with me is my friend otherwise is my enemy”

By the way , I heard you have said that you are against execution and you have urged all governmental organizations and none governmental organizations to stop Iranian government from hanging convicts. It is funny for me to hear such a statement from you, why?

Do you not remember while you and your husband declared that if someone wanted to leave your cult should have been executed and your insurgents in ASHRAF GARRISON were shouting execution , execution in different gatherings in ASHRAF and BAGHERZADEH GARRISON. Please do not tell me that you have forgotten that!!!!

Do you not remember in a big gathering called “HOZ”, in 1994 that your husband declared code” if and if we are defeated , providing money and passport is my responsibility, finding gun and ammunition and locating our opponents , dissidents , and separated people from our organization in Europe and western countries is your responsibility, find and kill them.”

MRS . MARYAM , please explain and define the word democracy for your followers and advocates. I believe you are not able to explain those words because I am sure you do not know what democracy means.

I am a witness from your cult and I know everything about the crimes which occurred in your garrisons specially in the worst one , ASHRAF during SADDAM HOSSEIN’s reign .cooperation and participation in killing Iraqi people and suppressing , torturing , killing your own members is the definition of the democracy which you have in your mind.

So far everything you have said in favor of democracy are preposterous and absurd because you and your husband have slaughtered democracy and freedom in your hellish garrison , ASHRAF.

I hope someday your followers find out the real face of you and your cult .I believe that day will come soon .

I declare that I am fully ready to participate in any court of law to testify against the hideous crimes which have been perpetrated by the leaders of this cult.

Best Regards


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