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Pars Brief – Issue No.48

• Hillary Clinton on Iraqi takeover of Camp Ashraf
• Iraq changes name of MKO’s Camp Ashraf
• Camp Ashraf – Mojahedin Khalq – UK says Geneva Convention does not apply
• Envoy: Iraq Conferring with UN on Expulsion of MKO Members
• Hundreds in Diyala, Iraq staged rally against the MKO
• Iraq denies blocking food to Iranian exile camp
• Reuters: Iraq says Iranian exiles not allowed to stay
• 35 Iranian dissidents sent to Baghdad for questioning
• Mass grave links Mojahedin Khalq to Kuwait invasion
• Alireza Ahmad Khah’s family appeal against MKO leaders
• As US Eases Out, Iraq Takes Control of Terrorist Camp

Download Pars Brief – Issue No.48
Download Pars Brief – Issue No.48

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