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MKO’s new propaganda show

Following their failure in the so-called hunger strike in Camp Ashraf ,London, New York … where Mujahedin Khalq didn’t succeed in drawing Western governments’ attention to their terrorist cult, last week they launched a new propaganda campaign in order that they could find the West’s sympathy by their new show.

The leaders of Rajavi’s cult have always believed that Western support is the only way to achieve political power in Iran.

In their recent press conference they have claimed that they have found classified intelligence on Iranian Nuclear sites.

After the hunger strike comic play, the numerous sources(!) of National Council of Resistance committed another anti-national act but it is obvious that the more Mujahedin play the role of spies for the West, the less they can find support among Iranian people.

MEK’s now show on revealing Iranian nuclear program by showing satellite pictures and maps of Tehran, denounces deceitful nature of the group’s propaganda system since taking photos of military nuclear sites requires military satellites that only belong to governments. Thus MKO as a terrorist group has no access to military satellites and the so-called pictures are allegedly given to the group by other sources. (Some say that the intelligence is given to MKO by Israel).

Therefore, given that the intelligence is true, MKO has always been a tool or a canal to reveal Iranian nuclear program. Indeed Mujahedin have never had such an ability to penetrate Iranian nuclear sites.

The act shows the nature of MKO terrorist leaders who are always trying to get in bed with enemies of their country whether it is Saddam Hussein or America, Israel … but the experience shows that MKO has never been a credible source of intelligence.

The history of People’s Mujahedin of Iran contains a list of treasons and crimes that never were successful.

By Mazda Parsi

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