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A golden opportunity for Iraqi government

It is now more than two months since the Iraqi police have deployed in camp Ashraf to take its control in hand. According to the ultimatum of Iraqi government to Mojahedin, they must make a clear decision on either leaving Iraq or moving voluntarily to Iran. Meanwhile, the evidences indicate that Iraqi government is to transfer MKO members to another region in Iraq temporarily up to the time when they choose one of the above alternatives. What is of utmost importance is that the process of decision making on the destiny of Mojahedin in Iraq will end in next months.

In the interim, Iraqi government can focus its attention on remedial and restorative measures taken for MKO members the mechanisms of which have been elaborated on before. One of these mechanisms is removing the barriers on the way of arranging meetings between MKO members and their family members. One of the barriers was putting the organizational authority and management of camp Ashraf in the hands of MKO leaders that prevented Ashraf residents to have face to face meetings with their family free from the control of Ashraf leaders who banned any such meeting. Now, despite the existence of some barriers, the conditions are improving ever increasingly.

Evidently, the removal of a great part of barbed wires around Camp Ashraf has decreased the supervisional and organizational control of MKO leaders on Ashraf residents. Now, Ashraf residents are in a better condition compared to past due to the fact that they never thought of a day when they could leave camp Ashraf. Of course, their false perceptions have been the result of the misinformation distributed by MKO leaders who reiterated the impossibility of leaving Ashraf. Another factor has been the lack of support and the failure of Mojahedin in finding a country to let them in. Of the reasons for the transfer of Mojahedin inside Iraq may be the fact that Iraq has not managed yet to find a country consent to offer refuge to MKO.

It is evident that Ashraf residents have not been aware of the inevitability of leaving Camp Ashraf and the lack of a host country. However, nowadays that some of these limitations have been removed and genuine information is given to Ashraf residents by Iraqi officials, MKO members have been aware of the past news censorship inside the organization and the reality based on which they have to leave Ashraf but have nowhere to relocate in.

They have recognized that the conditions are different now and if they had a bastion to reside in and trust in the false promises of Masoud Rajavi before, now they are even deprived of a safe haven to settle. This understanding may result in the separation and split of a great number of Ashraf residents.

Iraqi government has a key role in this regard to put another option before those wishing to leave MKO by making the background for free meetings between Ashraf residents and their family to inculcate them with the perception that they can return home. The present frustrations of MKO members is too serious and even the pressure and brainwashing mechanisms of MKO leaders cannot control it fully. Furthermore, they have found out that the control of events is no more in the hands of MKO leaders. As evidences show and also according to the statements of NCRI, at least 20 have left the organization and moved out with Iraqi forces up to now. It may prove that Iraqi officials can bring about numerous changes inside camp Ashraf even through minimal efforts.

The necessity of disrupting the organizational relations inside camp Ashraf has been elaborated on repeatedly. The current conditions of camp Ashraf have led to this disruption in all the layers that can be stopped without taking supplementary measures. The termination of the organizational authority of MKO leaders in camp Ashraf as well as making the background for members to communicate with the world outside may destroy the organizational unity of MKO and result in the split of many members.

Furthermore, getting rid of the surrounding fences of camp Ashraf and taking its full control by Iraqi forces has transformed its stifling atmosphere. As acknowledged by Mojahedin, putting up notices and announcements inside camp Ashraf aimed at informing MKO members has worried MKO leaders considerably to the point that some reports say that MKO leaders have burned some notices. Iraqi officials’ coup de grace may be inviting the family of Ashraf residents to Iraq for meeting their relatives in camp Ashraf. The fact is that Ashraf residents are now hopeful to their freedom more than any other time despite their unstable conditions. This issue as well as their availability that was never achieved before may pave the background for setting MKO members free from the cultic stranglehold of MKO leaders.

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