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Hunger strikers and absence of MKO leaders

The organizationally orchestrated hunger strike of MKO’s advocats and sympathizers in some European countries, and camp Ashraf in particular, in complaint to the presence of Iraqi police in camp Ashraf had to end somewhere. Lasting over 70 days, the strikes were raising suspicious that how these people, most over their mid-ages, were surviving such long-lasted hunger strikes! Fortunately for MKO, the Iraqi Government’s move to release the 36 detained members came to the organization’s help to grab at the opportunity to end the show. Since the events of June 2003, this has been the largest remonstrant reaction of Mojahedin to the enforcement of law in countries where they have managed to settle.

Hunger strikers and absence of MKO leaders

Mojahedin were desperate as they had two options before them. They had to either break the strikes midway on any unjustifiable excuse or enforce the strikers to continue which could lead to some victims even if nobody came to investigate and question the accuracy of the claimed strikes. In fact, it could be similar to the events of 17 June immolations in creating a human tragedy.

MKO leaders, those within Ashraf and those in their luxurious residences in European countries, are now bombarded with the questions that what decisive role did they play when Ashraf residents were facing challenges as they have trumpeted? If, according to the claims made by Rajavi, they are making their best to protect camp Ashraf and its residents, why the cost of defending MKO bastion is to be paid by the rank and files and not by the leaders and high rankings? As if nobody has noticed their absence from the scene of conflicts in camp Ashraf. As evidences show, many MKO high-rankings can leave Iraq and reside in another country if necessary. In other words, they are not at all worried about their own future and thus, there is no need to risk their life and line as human shields in protection of camp Ashraf. They are among the members of the Leadership Council but not all of them necessarily and some act as the scapegoats to carry out suicide attacks when demanded by the leadership.

However, Rajavi is well aware that he may need these scapegoats in long time and prefers to arrange a human shield for camp Ashraf based on the organizational hierarchy of MKO members. Evidently, the Leadership Council will be the last layer to be victimized. It is certain that Rajavi never entangles himself and his relatives and intimates in the conflicts of camp Ashraf like that of last June and nor in the cold war initiated in the Europe by MKO sympathizers. The history of the organization shows that MKO rank and files have no role but being victimized in the hands of Rajavi for furthering his totalitarian objectives. If hunger strike and complaint could solve the problems posed to Mojahedin, why MKO leaders and high rankings refrain to take part in these strikes themselves? If as claimed by MKO leaders, the present struggles aim at defending Ashraf residents, how those responsible for providing security for MKO members in Iraq evade it despite their presence under the focus of attention of western media and politicians?

In other words, what is the role of some well-known and effective MKO leaders like Abbas Davari, Mehdi Abrishamchi, Mohammad Hayati, Sedigheh Hosseini, Mahvash Sepehri, etc in the current critical situation of Mojahedin? None of them risked his/her life to be in front-line of the human resistance and human shields formed in camp Ashraf but stood far behind and pushed others against the gates to confront Iraqi forces. As in the terrorist activities of Mojahedin in 17 June, they were the main defendants of European courts accused of instigating MKO members to carry out suicide attacks. Although they were put on trial, the negligence of the concerned courts on the one hand and lobbying efforts of organization on the other veiled the reality. They are known to be the main instigators of clashes in camp Ashraf and Europe. They are not hew to international conventions and human rights yet try to achieve organizational objectives by victimizing a number of deceived individuals trapped in the cultic relations of a notorious terrorist organization.

If Mojahedin truly claim that Maryam Rajavi is recognized by European politicians and parliamentarians, she could have proved her concern and love for Ashraf residents and human rights by taking part in hunger strikes herself or at least one or two of her mentioned apostles. Maybe she thought the world failed to be attentive enough to ask why the leaders were absent from the scene of struggle!

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