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Letter to Directorate of Anti-Cult Association in France(UNADFI)

Honorable Directorate of Anti-Cult Association in France(UNADFI)

As you know well that Rajavi’s Cult has taken advantage of the Democracy and Freedom Honorable Directorate of Anti-Cult Association in France(UNADFI)dominating upon European countries and in France in particular for years to propagandize in favor of its cultish objectives and ends under cover of false democracy and freedom loving claims to fortify and reinforce its headquarter in France, which is very dangerous for French government’s interests as well as the French people because of its full-scale cultish – Terrorist structure .

The French people and your honorable association have witnessed and observed closely a part of this cult’s inhumane deeds which occurred in Paris in 2003 .In this catastrophic incident , with the direct order of the cult’s leader and its leadership council , some of the cult’s members set themselves on fire .

The French people should know that this cult became Saddam Hussein’s full-scale mercenary and puppet just to preserve its cultic interests in Iraq and they began their cooperation with Saddam’s suppressive forces to overcome the Iraqi people’s fair and square uprising. They perpetrated lots of crimes against the interests of Iraqi people just to preserve their cultish objectives and interests, so that the Iraqi army-generals were totally fascinated and gratified of pmoi’s full-scale cooperation and collaboration to suppress the Iraqi people’s protests and uprisings in 1990-1991.

We come to this conclusion that such cult which for preservation of its own runty-interests change its course and has the power to do any crime whom it wants, is very dangerous and no-one should be deceived by their leaders’ alluring appearance and hollow slogans devoid of any real content .

The cult leaders who implemented and carried out suppression , physical and psychological tortures and even homicide in their inter-organizational relations against their own members, now they intend to reinforce their cultic base and fortress located in Paris by imposture and demagoguery and again perpetrate more scoundrel-crimes to preserve their cultish interests .
The cult which is claimant of freedom and democracy ,but it does not tolerate and bear any criticism against itself and uses mayhem and disdain and accusation against the critics which the sensible instance of that was the peaceful and totally legal rally and demonstration of the critics and former members of pmoi in the city of Cergy in France , on 28th of November 2009 which the pmoi’s proxies and henchmen who were gathered from European countries and France , attacked the participants who were revealing the cultish – Terrorist structure of Rajavi’s cult for French people , unfortunately as a result of their attack , some of the participants got injured . Mr. Mohammad Karami Political and human rights Activist with more than 25 years of political activity and struggle in the age of 50, was assaulted by a number of pmoi’s henchmen and got injured .

We the former veteran members of this cult who are the victims of suppression and systematic torture in Rajavi’s cult , according to humanitarian commitments , we have obligation to warn all French politicians to be vigilant about the presence of this inhumane cult in their country, and according to the bitter experiences of the presence and crimes of this cult in Iraq and its inhumane actions(self-burning and self-immolation) in 2003 in Paris , their activities in France should be limited and confined or stopped.

Victims of Rajavi’s cult
Ancient Iran, Glorious Future Association, Paris

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