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Camp Ashraf, preparing for the final battle

In contrast to the Iraqi Government’s reluctance to use violence to evacuate Camp Ashraf, the members of MKO, encouraged by their leaders, have warned that they will not be taken out alive.

That is to say, MKO has adopted a blind, antagonistic way of struggle against the preferably peaceful attempt by the Iraqis to end the increasingly tense stalemate with less bloodshed. Emboldened by its last July’s violent reaction against the Iraqi forces that left many casualties, MKO is preparing for further systematically organized defensive measures to defend its bastion against any similar move by the government. Although the terrorist and cultic nature of MKO well justifies speculations about its potentialities in application of violent and aggressive approaches, the assertions by the defectors is a given warning that the organization is busy preparing for a much bloody confrontation.

Stated by Alireza Fattahian, the defector who has recently managed to flee the terrorist cult, MKO has started a new round of training to bludgeon Ashraf residents into a bloody resistance and confrontation:

Hundreds of vehicles equipped with a variety of cameras are on a 24 hour patrol round the camp to announce red alert as soon as sensing any suspicious move. On Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays the members undergo self-defense trainings by using non-fire arms like knives and bow and arrows. The latter is so sophisticatedly made that easily penetrate any common protective jackets. They have also devised petrol-filled capsules wrapped in cloth that can be catapulted far away. Another creative weapon is a very sharp, short knife carried under clothes to be used in close man to man encounters. As there is an anchor rope that is used to pull away the forces. They have recently crafted a hand-grenade-like pack filled with wax-like material to stun whoever intends to harass their women members. They have prepared especial green, thick and shockproof military uniforms to ward off blows by the security forces. The trainings, started three months ago, begin from 6 in the morning to 12.

The disclosure that reveals only some aspects of MKO’s harsh defensive reaction against lawful measures to evacuate Ashraf has frustrated the group since it is recently engaged in a vast propaganda blitz to influence the public opinion and to show how it has been oppressed and victimized. No doubt, Ashraf is a crisis and tense stalemate the Iraqi Government has to deal with but it seems that it lacks the needed decisiveness and experience when coming to treat with an aggressive group like MKO. It is a proven fact that the more lenient it is toward the group to arrive at a peaceful solution the more aggressive and violent attitude the terrorists emit. The government’s withdrawal after the last July’s bloody clash with Ashraf residents, who demonstrated their potentialities in creating big crises through self-destructive practices, has emboldened them to strengthen for later encounters if the Iraqis ever dare.

In the interim, MKO anticipates that two outlooks will be possibly promising to reach a conclusion. First, to postpone, and if possible to wholly resolve, the issue of relocation and evacuation of Ashraf and second, to impose legal leverages on Iraqi authorities that, as Rajavi has reiterated, will be to the group’s advantages. At least the Iraqi Government, in its rather long tension with MKO, should have learnt that Rajavi never assents to any peaceful or moderate solution. But, does it mean that the tragic armageddon between the two is inevitable?

The answer can be either yes or no depending on the extent of the government’s cooperation with the defected members and benefitting their experiences that will be of advantage to it. Although the Iraqis have become familiar with some aspects of the terrorist cult, but to deal with a cult like MKO requires its own especial approaches since it is hard to evaluate the costs of encountering a terrorist cult that has already proved its potentialities in inflicting irreparable social damages and committing self-destructive activities.

Rajavi knows well that the closure of Ashraf is the beginning of its cult’s decline since nothing can guarantee what happens to the relocated members; it is the concentration of members and regular cultic instillations that ensures the integrity of the cult. The group needs a closed bastion under its own control so as not to wound the integrity of its central tenets that might cause permanent disillusionment and disintegration of the members. At the same time, it must sufficiently mute the active condemnation of internal and external critics and dissidents. Thus, a tragic end will be an inevitable solution which will put all costs on the Iraqi Government to hold it accountable for the bloods shed.

The Iraqi authorities must give serious considerations to the warnings of those who are detached from the body of the organization and can share valuable information and experiences. They have now the opportunity of taking advantage of the international supervising organizations and bodies as well as the media to fully control and watch the moves of MKO and its suspicious practices within the walls of Camp Ashraf before it is too late. At least, the public opinion, advocates of MKO and even the victims themselves will come to know who is the real responsible for any tragic event the organization is preparing to instigate at the ripe time.

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