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New regulation of “no questions” forced inside the MKO camp in Iraq

Following the report of December 24, 2009 entitled “New wave of dissatisfaction and disarray in Camp Ashraf”

in which information from within camp Ashraf was given to the families of the victims of the Rajavi cult, we would like to announce that a significant and growing number of the forces inside Ashraf Garrison are now dissatisfied. They have serious doubts and questions about the Mojahedin Khalq Organisation and its leadership. They do not have complete trust in the organisation anymore. This has resulted in the creation of a widening gap between the leadership and the body of the organisation inside the camp. The growing unrest can be seen from the rapidly growing number of slogans being written clandestinely on the walls in public places inside the camp against the Mojahedin Organisation and its leadership.

Members now ask questions about their doubts over the past years of practices of the Mojahedin organisation and its leadership. The unlimited questions cover many aspects of the past practices which of course are all left unanswered and no commander is ready to even tackle any of them.

This has resulted in many members effectively leaving the organisation, but the Leaders and the commanders do not allow them get out of the camp and have in fact imprisoned them inside the camp. The organisation of course has a history of refusing its members to even leave the camp for a few hours in order to meet and visit their families.

Rajavi has recently been trying to calm the members by diverting their attention with a series of messages and propaganda tapes. The messages clearly forbid any questioning in any field by any member. Alongside this, members are now forced to do hard physical labour including agricultural, production and services for unlimited hours. This is believed to be affecting the mental judgement of the members as the creation of exhausting fatigue renders them unable to think about their problems and questions. According to reports coming out of the camp this practice of exhaustion is even more useful in the case of the known members who have been identified as disaffected.

Sahar Family Foundation in Baghdad is urging the international community, human rights organisations as well as the authorities in the Iraqi Government and Western governments to look at the situation of Ashraf Garrison and stop the dangers posed by the leaders of the group against the people residing there. Sahar Family Foundation is announcing as it has always announced before its willingness to help and cooperate with Iraqi and International bodies in this humanitarian mission.

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