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Camp Liberty residents’ questions go unanswered

News from inside Camp Liberty – base of the Mojahedin-e Khalq (MEK) in Iraq – indicates that the cult leader Massoud Rajavi was seriously relying on the Iranian presidential elections turning into a fiasco. The cult’s Camp Liberty residents’ questions go unansweredleaders had prepared the grounds for an escalation of public unrest and had told the members trapped in the camp that the cult had a bright future, hence discouraging them from fleeing the camp.

When Iran named the Iranian New Year, beginning in March, to be a ‘political epic’, one MEK official told a gathering of the members with ridicule that, “They should beware not to have a political disaster during the elections never mind an epic”.

With reference to the sayings of Massoud Rajavi, one of the MEK officials said, “We lost our chance in the past election in 2009, if we lose our chance this time the overthrow of the regime will not be possible for another 8 years”. Apparently the cult had sent some sabotage teams into Iran who were arrested before they could do anything.

In his internal analysis Rajavi had calculated that when Rafsanjani and Mashai were among those who put themselves forward as presidential candidates, the regime would be in an awkward position. Whether they are qualified according to the Guardians’ Council or not, according to Rajavi the result would be turmoil and disorder. He therefore believed the situation would be ripe for the MEK to add to the difficulties of the Islamic Republic and he could carry out his own goals.

After a calm and hassle-free election with a big voter turnout – which all media and political sources agreed was the case, except of course Rajavi who claimed insistently that nobody participated and people shouted slogans – and after the ‘most-unlikely-candidate-to-win’ according to Rajavi actually won the election, questions were raised amongst the MEK members to which the cult officials had no answer. Although they had created the grounds for these queries in the first place, they could only, as it is customary inside the cult, accuse those raising questions of repeating the regime’s nonsense.

The other matter which raised many questions inside the MEK is the recent resignation of two prominent members of the National Council of Resistance (NCR, the MEK’s western style front group), Mr Karim Ghasim and Mr Mohammad Reza Rohani, and the consequent revelations by two other members, Ismael Vafa Yaghmai and Iraj Mesdaghi. The cult leaders briefed the members by claiming that Ghasim and Rohani were supposed to have been fired six months ago but the Council had deferred it to an appropriate time before they eventually got rid of them. This is quite the opposite to the Council’s public statement that emphasized how shocked they were to learn that the two had resigned and blamed it on infiltration by the Iranian regime into the NCR.

The Rajavi cult is also trying to link the replacement of Mr Martin Kobler, the Special Representative of the UN General Secretary to Iraq, to their hostile efforts against him and show it as a victory gained by them. The truth is that Mr Kobler’s mission in Iraq came to an end and he has now been appointed to a new mission in the Congo and of course the policy of the UN will not change just because one Special Representative has moved on and another has been appointed. It should be noted that Mr Kobler will certainly thoroughly brief his successor about the cultic behavior of the MEK.

The other news is that cult officials inside Camp Liberty try to pretend that those who were sent to Albania did not wish to go and they had to force them to do so. They do this to discourage people from volunteering to leave the camp so that the leaders can pre-select the people they choose to allow to go.

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