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The Mask Maryam Rajavi wears

On February 23, official websites of the terrorist Mujahedin Khalq Organization (MKO/MEK/PMOI) announced that their she-guru Maryam Rajavi “met with officials and members of European Parliament”. “The meeting was organized in the run up to the International Day of Women” Mrs. Rajavi if you are sincere in your claims , then the first step would be to agree with the members’ right, the most basic right, including the right to visit their beloved ones easilyaccording to the group’s sites where Maryam Rajavi’s so-called speech was also published.

Under the cover of an elegant muslim Iranian woman, she claims to be concerned over what she calls “tragic suppression of women by the regime”. Then she introduces her cult of personality as an example of “women’s participation in leadership positions which supplies the dynamic and vitality for this resistance’s perseverance and progress”. She speaks of the role of her female members as “a guarantor for lasting democracy and development in tomorrow‘s Iran”

She also makes too much fanfare about “forced veiling in Iran and the inability of Islamic Republic to reform.”She ridiculously emphasizes that “let any woman choose what to wear and what not to wear”!

Yes, Mrs. Rajavi,
This is the minimum freedom for Iranian women as human beings. How can you guarantee lasting democracy in Iran while your cult members are all forced to wear scarves and military uniforms? Yes, let them choose what to wear and what not to wear. No Ashraf female member is allowed to wear the least casual clothes. They are never allowed to use cosmetics. If as you claimed, you are really inspired by the genuine Islam why are the members of your cult never allowed to decide for their eating time, their clothing, their sleeping time, their work schedule and any small choice they can have in their personal life?

Maryam Rajavi claims that women are suppressed for their appearance and for the manner they walk or talk. She might have forgotten that her cult members are not allowed to talk to their peers let alone talking to their opposite-sex comerades. In Camp Ashraf, even the time women can use eating place, gas station … are different from those of male members.

Mrs. Rajavi,
We say that if you are sincere in your claims for people’s freedom, then the first step would be to agree with the members’ right, the most basic right, including the right to choose their own clothing, to visit their beloved ones easily, to live among their family members especially their children and spouses, to get married and have children.

In Maryam Rajavi’s destructive cult the most fundamental human rights are denied, according to former members and numerous reports by journalists. Following the so-called ideological revolutions in the terrorist cult of MKO, all couples were forced to divorce even those who had once been forced to marry a comrade whom the leaders had ordered to marry.

Then in 1991, under the pretext of the Gulf War I all children were separated from their parents. Camp Ashraf was removed of children who were sent to Europe in order to be abused for the group’s propagandistic and fundraising activities.

In a terrorist destructive cult where any family life, emotion, love and individuality are forbidden, Maryam Rajavi’s claims for democracy and women’s freedom sound comic. For those who are informed of human right violations committed by MKO leaders, Maryam Rajavi’s speech in Europe is just like a hilarious comedy!

She speaks of complete equality in social, cultural and economic rights between women and men. It is all too much for Mrs. Rajavi while she is not able to guarantee the least right of living in a normal society with normal regulations and atmosphere.

Doubtlessly, Mrs. Rajavi’s few sympathizers in European Parliament including Mr. Alejo Videl – Quadras, EP Vice President and Edit Bauer of the Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, should do some effort to increase their knowledge about the cult of Rajavi in order that they would not be tricked by Rajavi’s gang. They might not have considered the speeches of Mrs. Nasrin Ebrahimi (who defected from MKO destructive cult in 2008 used to live in Camp Ashraf for about thirteen years and witnessed a lot of terrifying facts about the cult) at the European Parliament on September ninth 2008 when she said:”the women in MEK are not only barred from marrying but they are forced to work for long hours, do so hard manual jobs under the hot sun every day that they no more look good, this way they do not think they can attract a man…” .

The Rajavi’s heighten their sabotage to the extreme extent when they try to cut female members of their cult from their only source of hope. ”they try to kill any hope in heart of women of Ashraf by removing their womb through a hysterectomy surgery which is operated under various pretexts. So far ten percent of Ashraf women have sustained such an operation” Nasrin Ebrahimi added. Is this the women right Maryam Rajavi promises to offer the Iranian women?

She proposes her only option for her alleged democratic change in Iran while she lacks the ability to find a solution to the problematic declining situation her group is stuck in. today the only option for victimized members of Rajavi’s cult is the dissolution of her cult in order to offer the captured members an opportunity to get released from the suffocating cult of MKO and to decide for their own fate with their own free will.

By Mazda Parsi

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