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Maryam Rajavi pushed the organization into a black hole

A good year is judged by its Spring

Yes, as the truism states a good year can be judged by its Spring – the season of growth and renewal. This Spring we see that after all these years the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI) has become nothing more than a foul and vulgar dictatorial cult. In all its aspects – organizational, ideological, political and military – it has deteriorated to the point that it is unable to reconstruct or restore itself as a positive entity.

Massoud Rajavi the leader and ideologist of this cult went into hiding after the downfall of his benefactor, the notorious dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein. His wife, Maryam Ghajar Azdanlo (aka Maryam Rajavi) does not possess the ability to solve any complicated organizational, political, and in particular ideological problems. She has pushed the organization into a black hole in which there is no place for sentiment, humanity and more important than all, logic and realism.

The descent into this black hole, which could only be achieved through brainwashing techniques and indoctrination and deception concerning preposterous and baseless political and ideological issues, has enslaved around 3500 men and women. And with false and hollow promises such as ‘victory’ and ‘overthrow’ and etc, has deprived them of their families, their lives, and even their real and genuine political struggle for almost three decades.

Yes, three decades of isolation, seclusion, deception, violence and terror are Massoud Rajavi’s treacherous legacy which has deprived them all of their enjoyable free and real lives.

If Massoud Rajavi’s strategy and its implementation were correct then why would he need to become the mercenary of the superpower America after being the mercenary of Saddam Hussein for almost thirty years?

Why do the key operatives and veteran commanders of this cult, such as Mr. Alireza Jafarzadeh, claim not to be a member of this cult when in fact Jafarzadeh has been one of the key operatives and active commanders of the PMOI cult in the USA and Canada since the 1980s, and has recruited many, including myself, to send to Iraq during this time.

Jafarzadeh was praised and admired by Massoud Rajavi himself in gatherings in Iraq for his role in buying side arms from international mafia dealers in the US for Rajavi’s so-called army the National Liberation Army (NLA). He was praised for smuggling Mrs. Azadeh Rezayee, one of the PMOI cult’s key commanders, into both the USA and Canada and for managing to rescue her from Canada while she was wanted by the FBI and RCMP.

Now he pretends that he is not a member or a commander of this cult in the US anymore. Even so, I have introduced him and disclosed his real identity in an article last year.

Yes, the subterfuge, the denials and deception, the hypocrisy over policies and beliefs, pretending to believe in and practice democratic principles, the ravings and hysteria of this cult over anyone who does not back them – labeling them ‘agents of the Iranian Intelligence service’ – these are clear and undeniable signs which demonstrate that the cult is fast falling over the edge of a cliff.

Maryam Rajavi has no ability to deal with these problems and merely resorts to matters of appearance, showing off and empty gestures – donning expensive dresses and throwing glamorous banquets and feasts where she preaches about democracy. She has succeeded in bewitching some European politicians, and now she is begging for help from the super power.
This cult, by destroying its victims’ youth and hopes and futures, has forced them to remain in the prison of Camp Ashraf despite their unwillingness to stay there.

These people, whose average age is 45 to 50 years old, are at an age when without family, finance or profession, have no option but to remain incarcerated and submit to Rajavi’s petty whims and demands.

These people believe they have no place to go, and that there are no open arms to welcome them – these people were forcibly estranged from their families and loved ones during their time in the prison of Camp Ashraf.

For themselves they have no love or compassion left inside to motivate them to rescue themselves from Rajavi’s ruthless clutch.

No motivation or incentive remains for them to grasp on to rescue themselves because Rajavi has deliberately destroyed it all. As a result, a number of these desperate victims set themselves on fire on the direct order of Rajavi in 2003. Rajavi exploits their desperation and use them as mere tools to further his cultic objectives and power mongering.

Yes, this is a truly terrifying reality which has fallen upon these stranded victims and it is one of the most forcible reasons that these victims have ‘chosen’ to remain in their prison.

Massoud Rajavi is the successor of the Imam Zaman (The 12th Imam in Islam ideology who will remain in hiding until the right moment when he will re-emerge and save the world) and Maryam Rajavi is the symbol of Hazrat Zeynab.

Massoud Rajavi stands next to the Gates of Paradise and guides his followers through it. His guarantor and sponsor before God is Hazrat Ali (Imam Ali) who comes to his dreams every night and gives him important outlines and orders.

All these preposterous and absurd lies were told to us every day in different sessions and gatherings to make us believe that Massoud Rajavi is the successor of the Imam Zaman or is the Imam Zaman himself and that his wife Maryam is the inheritor of Hazrat Zeynab’s legacy. Maryam Rajavi is always saying that Massoud Rajavi is only responsible to God and so no one dared to criticize him or her.

In reality, Massoud Rajavi is hiding out of fear of being tried in a court of law. But he casts a deceitful and demagogic influence over those 3500 victims stranded in that prison, Camp Ashraf. Massoud Rajavi implies that he will remain hidden until the right moment to emerge and save the world from corruption and dictatorship!

Yes this is the story of this cult, a cult which – in the visible absence of its supreme leaders, Massoud Rajavi, – strives to present itself in world politics through Maryam’s appearance and posing with western attitudes. But can the Iraqi people forget her orders to kill the injured and wounded Iraqi Kurds by running tanks over them? Can she, just by speaking French and posing with western gestures, negate all the misery that she and her husband imposed on all of those people who lost their lives and families and futures?

Can she explain to all the victims who lost whatever they had in their lives what happened to their lives and explain what all the savagery and brutality and violence of the past three decades was for? And what the real story of this cult is?

Is it possible for Iranian people to forget the deadly co-operation of this cult with Saddam Hussein during eight years of war with Iran? Is it possible to wipe out all the treason and espionage that this cult committed during the past decades from the Iranian peoples’ heart and mind?

Can Iranian and Iraqi people ever forgive them?

The answer is no, because the crimes which they committed are extremely serious and undeniable and there are so many witnesses and so much evidence already in the public domain. The only path which can be followed for resolution and restoration is to put the leaders of the cult on trial before judge and jury.

a victim of Rajavi’s cult – Paris

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