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Rajavi’s ten days to shake the world

Massoud Rajavi’s call in mid-May for the instigation of the national uprising in a ten-day period, beginning from June 10 to 20, was his granted opportunity for a joint interaction for many others who were also seeking opportunities from outside of Iran. Rajavi thought himself the center-point of a struggle circle to whom all lesser and minor points around had to attach themselves, a Rajavi’s ten days to shake the worldchance set before smaller streams to join Rajavi’s claimed bigger one to form a river. It all started from the point where Rajavi was deluded by the idea that the rebellious uprisings could at least quantitatively, albeit potentially, bring him massive achievements whose big share could go straight into his pocket. Against his expectation, what Rajavi encountered was a negative reaction since the movement, despite being constituted of a young generation majority, had a past experience of blind terror and atrocities perpetrated by the organization.

It seems that the best useful thing Rajavi can do is to at least eliminate the self-made history of the June 20 and destroy it totally. Just like the anti-American campaign resources that it impudently deleted from the history of the organization, this is a stigma that it has to remove from its calendar and resources. Maybe he was under the illusion that the Iranian people, especially the new generation whom he mainly was addressing in the course of his serial messages, had forgotten about and had no notion of the terrorist crimes the organization itself had announced to be responsible for.

But what in fact occurred was in no way different in nature from what they tried to draw out of the past years’ Junes with the exception of some announced prearranged protesting demonstrations that MKO saw as granted opportunities in perspective, that is, to take advantage of circumstances with little regard for principles and putting the interests of the organization before that of the protesters. Withdrawal of the protest organizers, however, apart from a few advertised clumsy photos taken hastily with cell phones and MKO-released reports of some nightly chants whose whereabouts were unclear, resulted in no remarkable achievement for the organization compared with the volume of the invested propaganda.

And the Rajavis are carrying on, now that the June has come to its end, as if nothing has ever been said and promised. There are many subjects currently at hand to divert the attentions; the issue of Camp Ashraf and the families camping before it, the UN Security Council’s resolutions and sanctions against Iran and the like. And none of the people who were arrested in the streets during all these ten days received a message of appreciation and thanks as if nothing had really happened. In fact, nothing was to happen and they were all the victims, as many have so far been, of Rajavis hallucinations and illusions.

And the June wind Rajavi intended to shake the world with rose only to culminate in a colorful fiesta rather than a political gathering in Paris. And that is how they had promised to establish democracy in Iran! And after all these big endeavors made, we see Rajavi again retreating back to overwinter in his hiding cave and to make more decisive and promising decisions, and of course he is the only one who can decide what others should do, that could not only affect the welfare of the Iranian people but the human species in general. Let’s wait for new promises!

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