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The Psychotic World of The Rajavi Couple and Their Marxist-islamic Cult

This is an article on the psychotic world of the Rajavi couple and their demented Muslim-Communist terrorist cult.

I used to believe the propaganda from the MEK [Mujahideen-e-Khalq]. I used to believe that it was a pro-democracy group and that its defectors who speak unfavorably about the organization were agents of the Iranian regime. I believed that it was popular in Iran and basically other big claims that the Rajavis and their terrorist cult want the world to believe [that’s why I unfortunately have a lot of material on the Internet praising this group]. However, their propaganda isn’t true.

Well-meaning people, who hope for the best of the free world, fall for it. After all, why wouldn’t they support an organization that fights for freedom and democracy in Iran, that gives vital intelligence information on the Iranian regime, its terrorism and nuclear weapons ?

But at least much of it is part of the propaganda that the Rajavis want us to believe. The MEK wants the world to believe that it is the only legitimate opposition.

If the Rajavis had their way, everyone would believe that any criticism of the MEK and any move not worshipping the Rajavis, means working for the Iranian regime’s intelligence agency. That’s the kind of propaganda that the Rajavis tell every member of the MEK when trapping them inside it. Plenty of people figured out that that’s not the case and left the MEK, many times at the risk of torture and killing. The MEK wants to kill and torture anyone who attempts to leave the group and runs all these secret Nazi-like prisons in Camp Ashraf. The fact is that even prison is more free than Camp Ashraf. You’re more free as a prisoner than as an MEK member.

According to the Rajavis’ propaganda, anyone who speaks out about their experiences in the MEK terror cult and their defection means that they must be agents of the Iranian regime. That’s what they tell their members. That’s what they tell the outside world as well, when they put on their pro-democracy facade in front of European parliaments, in front of the American congress, and in front of the Iran Policy Committee [IPC], the third of which is eating out of their hands. After all, the MEK, according to the Rajavis’ propaganda, is a heroic, popular and democratic group to the point that they terrify the regime in Tehran and to the point that Iran launches a disinformation campaign against them. This is the propaganda, both said to its own members, and to the outside world. And we have the IPC picking it up and parroting it off. And we also have Rabbi Daniel M. Zucker also parroting it off in his columns on Iran.

Plenty of decent people believe their propaganda. As stated, I was one of them. I fiercely opposed the regime in Tehran and their ideology and was ready to support a pro-democracy movement. In fact, I support the pro-democracy movement in Iran. To the Rajavi cult out there, you don’t see the pro-democracy protesters holding any emblem of the MEK or any picture of the Rajavis.

The MEK is intolerant to other opposition groups. It seeks to portray itself as the only legitimate Iranian opposition group. They refer to themselves as “the Iranian resistance” and Alireza Jafarzadeh refers to them when he talks about the pro-democracy opposition. Jafarzadeh is a commentator many decent people admire. After all, he speaks out against the regime in Tehran and comes out with all of this important information and seemingly wonderful ideas. He calls for strengthening the Iranian opposition. I fully agree.

However, I don’t fully agree with what he has in mind. He means to delist the MEK and its front the NCRI [National Council of Resistence in Iran] from the State Department list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations and to support them in their struggle to replace the Iranian regime with their own regime. So Jafarzadeh is an effective propagandist for the MEK.

The NCRI describes itself as the parliament in exile and has Maryam Rajavi as the President-elect, as if it is certain that she would be President once the Iranian regime falls. After all, she has been appointed by Massoud Rajavi and the Islamic Marxist cult to be President. Therefore, she’s the President-elect. Imagine if Republicans declare Michael Steele to be President-elect of America.

The MEK has worked for totalitarian regimes. Vladimir Kuzishkin, a former KGB head of its Iran agency, confirmed that the MEK has been a major source of information for the Soviets. That was during the Cold War. The US and the rest of the west supported the Shah, because they believed that he was a useful counterbalance to the USSR, and also pressured him to implement liberal reforms. It was while the MEK fought a violent struggle against the Shah and before they would find themselves having the same enemy as the free world does. After the 1979 revolution, the MEK found itself not getting their “share” of power. After all, their ideology had a more Marxist tilt than the ideology of Ayatollah Khomeini. The Rajavis and much of his organization fled to France and then to Iraq, where Saddam Hussein welcomed them with open arms and supported the group.

The MEK denies having gotten Saddam’s support and claims that they payed for everything themselves. However, there is a video of Massoud Rajavi hugging and kissing Saddam Hussein, as seen below [if the video isn’t shown below, then go here to see it]:

Many Iranians view the MEK as traitors because the MEK supported Iraq’s terror invasion of Iran. Though the MEK heatedly denies this, after the Gulf War, the MEK helped carry out Saddam’s brutal repression of Shiites and Kurds. So the MEK served Saddam Hussein, as even Daniel Pipes [who, though he’s a decent man who reveals a lot of facts, still falls for the MEK propaganda] admitted that “during its 17 years in Iraq, it also had to do Saddam Hussein’s bidding”. The MEK also got training from Qaddaffi’s Libya.

They portray themselves as freedom fighters even though they supported many other totalitarian figures. The MEK also formed close relations with Yasser Arafat’s PLO even before that organization pretended to recognize Israel’s right to exist. Even the MEK apologist Rabbi Daniel M. Zucker admitted that “the MeK trained with Arafat’s PLO in Jordan, MeK members simply used the training bases” and then excuses it with “but did not become involved in the politics of their host. This association took place in the 1970’s, before the fall of the Shah, when it was highly illegal for Iranians to possess any firearms without a permit”. Massoud Rajavi even gave Yasser Arafat the Herald of the MEK as seen below :

Massoud Rajavi even gave Yasser Arafat the Herald of the MEK as seen below

Below, you can also see two videos. The first one is a meeting with Maryam Rajavi and Yasser Arafat. The second one was an MEK mourning ceremony of Arafat’s death. There is a picture of Arafat and candles lit. MEK members mourn and at least one of them speaks about how “horrible” it was. Below are the two videos [see the last hyperlink if the videos don’t appear in this article]:

Notice how in the second video, there is a portrait of Yasser Arafat standing next to Massoud Rajavi. After Arafat’s death, at a memorial ceremony, Maryam Rajavi pays [to see the html version, go here] tribute to Arafat. In the speech, here’s what Mrs. Rajavi says:

Let us salute Yasser Arafat and celebrate his great achievements. May God bless his soul.

Arafat’s great achievements? Why not tell that to his victims? Arafat’s “great achievements” were creating terrorist infrastructure, terrorist movements, terrorist training camps and terror attacks. His victims are people from all nationalities, which includes Muslims, Arabs and Palestinians. Even many Palestinians themselves criticized Arafat for his corruption. Yet the Rajavis love him because he did a lot for the MEK and because he was close to them.

Like the Rajavis, Arafat was good at propaganda. Yasser Arafat was the notorious Arab Hitler. Yet according to Mohammed Mohadessin, another MEK propagandist and author of “Islamic Fundamentalism: The New Global Threat”, “We [the MEK] have good relations with the Palestine Liberation Organization”.

It would be hypocritical of Conservatives to [rightly] criticize Hilliary Clinton for hugging and kissing Suha Arafat, the wife of Arafat, after her disgraceful speech where she accused Israel of poisoning innocent Palestinians, to criticize the radical left in the west for idolizing the PLO and then to give the MEK a free pass to idolize the PLO They crossed the line with their idiotic nonsense when it comes to the PLO and is a terrorist cult.

The fact is that the MEK is a terrorist cult that has a history of aiding our totalitarian enemies and even a history of killing Americans and westerners.

by Benyamin Solomon

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