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Letter of Ms. Abdullahi to the US Secretary of States

How is it that you recognize the MKO as a terrorist group but at the same time you support it to keep our children as gladiators in slavery?
(No wages! No spouses! No family! No outside contact! No readings! No thinking! No future! No . . . ! Just worshiping Rajavi, being terrorists, and killing until being killed)

Ms. Sorayya Abdullahi has written a letter to the US Secretary of States on behalf of the familiesMs. Sorayya Abdullahi has written a letter to the US Secretary of States on behalf of the families picketing in front of Ashraf cultic garrison picketing in front of Ashraf cultic garrison in Iraq which is seen below. It is worth mentioning that hundreds of family members of the victims seized inside Rajavi cult (Mojahedin-e Kahlq Organization – MKO) in Iraq have been picketing outside Ashraf garrison the base of this cult in Iraq for about six months and demanding visiting their relatives, but the MKO is still refusing to fulfill their demands. The physical and psychological pressure on these families caused by long time demonstration has led to Ms. Abdullahi and some others to be hospitalized in Baghdad.

Mrs. Hilary Clinton
US Secretary of States

I have learned that the Mojahedin-e Kahlq Organization (MKO- Rajavi cult) has once again been designated as a foreign terrorist organization (FTO) by the US State Department. We are of course pleased that the United States government recognizes the group as a terrorist cult. But this letter is about the rights of the families of the members of the cult in Ashraf garrison the base of the MKO in Iraq. I am a mother and my son has been seized inside the garrison for many years. I am writing this letter from the hospital and I am not in a healthy condition at all.

It is now round 6 months that I am picketing along some other families outside the main gate of Ashraf garrison. Not only the leaders of the cult have not given a positive answer to us, but also they have continuously intimidated and insulted us in order to keep us away from our relatives. Isn’t it our right to be able to visit our loved ones and freely talk to them while they are just a few hundred meters away?

The Iraqi government wished to dismantle the garrison and put the leaders of the cult on trial for their crimes against the Iraqi people and free the victims. Apparently they cannot execute their official decision since the influence of dominating powers in Iraq would not let them do so. Would you consider this a just policy that on one hand you designate the MKO as a terrorist group and on the other hand use your influence to support them and do not let the families reach their just and natural demands?

The UNHCR, the ICRC, the AI, the HRW, the Iraqi officials and the ministry of human rights of this country, and many lawyers and politicians have approved the legitimacy of our demand and believe that the leaders of the MKO must be under pressure to accept the wish of the families.

Even well-known international institutes such as the American RAND and the British Chatham House are now criticizing US the support for the Rajavi terrorist cult and are disturbed by this support. We do not need or ask for the support of the US, but if your government stop backing the group which you designate as terrorists, this would be a great help to us to reach our just demands to see our loved ones.

There are some views indications that some war mongering cliques who have a great influence on US policy wish to save the cultic structure of the MKO with the hope that one day maybe they can be used against the Islamic Republic of Iran the same way that Saddam Hussein did. Is this true? If not how would you justify the double standard policy of US administration against this terrorist group?

I, as well as the suffering mothers and families who have gathered outside Ashraf garrison despite the high temperature and hard living, would like to have a clear answer from you. Please do not respond to us saying that this is not related to your government since it is clear for all of us and even for the international officials in Baghdad that the American forces and the American influence in Iraq is the only obstacle against to freely visiting our relatives and I write this letter on their recommendation and I ask for answer.

Apparently some currents among US policy makers consider our children as free and ready to use terrorists who must go to kill until they are killed. How do you justify this undue policy for your people and for the people of the world? It seems that we have no choice but to either continue the present sufferings and go to hospital one by one or reach to our right and see our beloved ones.

Copy to:
US Ambassador in Baghdad
UN General Secretary
Iraqi minister of human rights
Iraqi and international media
American Forces Commander in Iraq

Sorayya Abdullahi
On behalf of the families picketing outside Ashraf garrison in Iraq
Baghdad – hospital
Saturday 7 Aug 2010

hundreds of family members of the victims seized inside Rajavi cult (Mojahedin-e Kahlq Organization – MKO) in Iraq have been picketing outside Ashraf

About Ms. Abdullahi and her son:
Ms. Sorayya Abudllahi Mirzanaqi the daughter of Gholam-Reza was born in 1961 and lives in the city of Ardabil in the north west of Iran. She has two daughters and one son. His son named Amir-Aslan Hassanzadeh the son of Manuchehr was born in 1982. He left Iran to Turkey in June 2002 along with his friend Mahmoud Akbari to find a job and of course a better life in Germany.

After 10 days Amir called his mother and said that he is in a hotel in Ankara and has found a man called Ali Ankaraii and he is supposed to take them to Germany.

Ali Ankaraii is a known name for all trapped in the Rajavi cult in Turkey. He was the MKO contact man in Turkey and of course he never used to reveal his true identity and the organization he was working for to his victims. He managed to send many individuals to Iraq through Jordan deceiving them for a job and a better life in Europe.

Ali Ankaraii called Amir’s mother and asked her several thousand dollars but Ms. Abdullahi could only manage to send 1700 USD to Ali’s bank account.

Finally Amir told her mother that she could ring him after two weeks and gave her a telephone number in Germany. Ms. Abdullahi tried several times to call the given number but did not succeed and could never find a trace of her son.

Round 5 years after Amir had been disappeared one day Mahmoud Akbari, Amir’s friend, went to Ms. Abdullahi’s house. She was surprised to see him there and asked him what happened in Germany and asked him after Amir. Mahmoud answered that they did not go to Germany but to Ashraf garrison the base of the MKO in Iraq. He then explained that he left the MKO when the Americans invaded Iraq and came to Iran with the help of the Red Cross. He also said that he asked Amir to go along with him but Amir said that if he leaves the MKO he would have no choice but to go to Iran where he would definitely be executed.

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