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Letter of Mr. Naderi to the US Secretary of States concerning MKO

Honorable Madam Hillary Clinton, The US Secretary of State
Letter of Mr. Naderi to the US Secretary of States concerning MKO
Respectfully, at the beginning of my letter, I would like to introduce myself. I am Nader Naderi one of the former members of PMOI (People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran ) with almost twenty years of membership in that organization. I managed to separate from them and took refuge in the American camp (TIPF), located in Iraq, after the fall of Saddam Hussein the dictator of Iraq. I stayed in TIPF for four years.

During those awful years, I was witnessing the many crimes that this organization implemented against me and others. I had felt the real essence and content of this organization by my own flesh and bone, and the reality of this organization that I experienced in their garrisons and military bases is completely different than their behavior and attitude (anti terrorism and pro human rights) in Europe and United States of America.

The entity and the internal relations of this organization like the other religious cults throughout the world is based on fundamentalism and terrorism which separate them from any humanitarian values and foundations and as a result of this fact, their cultic internal relations are completely in contrast with all humane values and criteria. The members of this organization are deprived of having any choice, complaint and criticism and they are suffering from the lack of the basic and inferior individual rights, as a matter of fact in this organization having such rights are considered as blasphemy and treason against its leadership interests and they have designated harsh and severe punishments for people who wants to have those rights. Any dissent and disobedience in this organization will be suppressed and oppressed viciously and brutally with no mercy. [..]under PMOI leadership any protest, complaint, and criticism will be suppressed utterly with no mercy.

This organization with such a terrorist identity had participated in many crimes against humanity in Iraq during Saddam Hussein’s reign and they cooperated with Saddam Hussein by all means. This organization with such a terrorist content and essence while the catastrophic event of 9/11 occurred in USA by the terrorist Al Quaida organization, they began throwing parties and distributing cookies, candies, and pastries among their members in their garrisons and military bases in Iraq to celebrate this cowardly and shameful attack which caused the death of thousands American men and women in twin towers and other places on US soil. The PMOI leader Maryam Rajavi who is living in her command base on French soil and she pretends that she is in love with democracy, freedom , justice and she cares about human rights and etc , she was the main factor to provoke and encourage her members to celebrate the death of thousands innocent people. Simultaneously, her husband, Massoud Rajavi was threatening and doing war cry. Massoud Rajavi said, “This operation (referring to 9/11) was the production of the fundamentalist Islam, now you wait and see what will happen if the revolutionary Islam comes to power (meaning the PMOI).” He was joyful and happy while he was watching the catastrophic event of 9/11 on the widescreen in Bagherzadeh Garrison.

Dear Madame Clinton, unfortunately some of your politicians have closed their eyes on PMOI’s past and its terrorist entity and instead of condemning the PMOI as a terrorist organization, they support and back them up. We are talking about an organization which according to one of the US State Department’s reports, is introduced as one of the most dangerous organizations throughout the world. We are talking about an organization which is totally against capitalism and it is proud of killing the American military advisors by its members during the Shah’s time. We are talking about an organization which one of its teachings was the struggle against Imperialism led by USA. These teachings were compulsory and all the members had to participate in those classes and Mr. Mohammad Seyed Al Mohaddessin, who is currently in charge of PMOI foreign affairs and pretends that he is pro human rights and against terrorism was the instructor of those classes. It is pretty strange that Mrs. Maryam Rajavi and Mr. Mohaddessin rapidly change their faces and become anti terrorism and pro human rights! The leader of this organization, Massoud Rajavi at the beginning of the war between coalition forces led by USA and Iraq declared war against USA and its troops and he said, “The day of revenge and punishment of Imperialism has arrived” and he instructed to all his members to fight against invasion of USA to Iraq, but his instruction was confronted with dissent in general by his rank and file and he was forced to retreat from his instruction.

This organization has made lots of humanitarian-like associations throughout Europe and in USA to deceive parliamentarians and politicians with the glamorous slogans like freedom , democracy , social justice, etc, but in their internal relations they are continuing their infelicitous ideological teachings to brainwash their members for keeping them ready for diabolic and ominous objectives.

This fact that they are disarmed completely by coalition forces led by USA is utterly right, but this question crosses my mind that “is their terrorist ideology which propagandizes death and hollowness also disarmed?” Their ideology is based on terror and maximum violence and the tool for begetting violence and terror is arms, so this ideology which is still working in their internal relations forces them to find arms and in my opinion they are capable of finding arms.

This organization basically is against family and making family. As you know after the ideological revolution in this organization all people who were married, were forced to get divorced, and now you can not find any married person and family in their internal relations. Since nine months ago many families of those stranded members who have been kept in Ashraf have been picketing to see their loved ones. It is more than two decades that those families have not seen their loved ones and now the PMOI operatives and officials do not allow those desperate families to visit their loved ones.

Recently Massoud Rajavi, the supreme leader of PMOI, has declared in one of his messages that if the Iraqi government wants to take its property back (Ashraf Garrison) the world will come across with a mass suicide like Khalkha group and David Koresh. Mr. Rajavi is ready, for his own survival, to sacrifice all those members. Well, this organization with such a cultic ideology probably would carry out such a mass suicide.

Now, Madam Clinton with all cultic behaviors and attitudes of PMOI and its terrorist ideology and beliefs the US politicians should stand under the PMOI emblem and take a picture with PMOI officials on your soil? The PMOI emblem which has a sign of an arm (Kalashnikov) which propagandizes the maximum violence?

Dear Madam Clinton, I urge you to intervene and force the PMOI officials to allow the families to meet with their loved ones, and also I urge you to prevent a human catastrophe (mass suicide) which PMOI supreme leader Massoud Rajavi, in his recent message has threatened. Massoud Rajavi the PMOI supreme leader deliberately and purposely wants to begin a skirmish with Iraqi forces to beget the human catastrophe that I mentioned above.

Madam Clinton, history has showed to us that all the terrorist organizations are alike and they should be isolated internationally. I wish all those captives of Rajavi’s ideology can be freed in the near future.

Nader Naderi, Paris
Separated member of PMOI

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