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Mr. Piransar Letter to the US Secretary of States concerning MKO

Honorable US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton

I had been a member of PMOI (People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran) for more than two decades and I had spent and wasted twenty years of my life in Iraq in different garrisons and bases of this organization. Fortunately, I managed to rescue myself from this organization in 2004 and I took refuge in an American camp called TIPF, which was run and controlled by American army. I stayed in that camp for almost four years waiting to go to my ordinary and simple life and finally in 2008 prior to closing the camp completely, I left the camp. After going through many difficulties and hardships, finally I arrived in Europe safe and sound.

Madame Clinton, it is very painful and woeful for me when I see that your country has allowed some of the members of this organization to stay in your country and take advantage of democracy and freedom which exist in your country for a long time. The terrorists who not only are not less powerful than Al-Qaida but also they are more complicated than them. They enjoy the benefits and privileges of being American citizens and unfortunately some of your political officials back them up. It is pretty strange for me while I hear or see that those PMOI members freely propagandize in favor of their group in your country. Your country became a target of terrorism which because of that thousands American men and women lost their lives in 9/11 and that catastrophic incident gave this message to all American people and politicians that they should be more vigilant and careful. Freedom and democracy is just, good and ideal for people but there are always people who take advantage of the democracy and freedom in favor of their terrifying intensions.

I am a live witness who had lived many years among them in different garrisons and bases, and with the complete knowledge and experience that I have gained about this organization, it is crystal clear for me that the leaders of this organization cunningly by spending huge amounts of money and disguising themselves behind a mask of freedom and democracy just to deceive people as well as the politicians throughout the world, successfully they hid their awful past which is laden with criminal records in Iraq, Iran and even against American citizens in the 70s, and by these tricks they have gathered a few foreign political backers in Europe and USA. But I should remind you that never trust a viper or python because we can not expect them to give birth to a beautiful dove of peace. This organization from its foundation till now has paved its way by utilizing aimless and blind terrorism, bombing and always disguising its image suitable with the condition on the ground and I am sure that your country as the first superpower in the whole world equipped by modern and complicated technology and science has enough evidence and information about this organization, its past and its present. Now the question which crosses our minds is why is this organization allowed and authorized to continue its presence in your country despite of being blacklisted and considered as a terrorist organization in your terrorist list?

Now this question crosses our mind that: “can Al Qaida leader or its representatives live and do their political activities in USA? If these terrorists change their clothes and wear suit and tie instead of their local clothing and eliminate their turban and begin chanting slogans like freedom, democracy and throw expensive parties and banquets, and etc, will your country and your resentful and mournful people who lost someone in 9/11 forget and relinquish their crimes? Have not you maximum penalty for criminals, murderers and slayers in your country like other countries? So the world has its own laws and regulations vis-a-vis terrorism and crime, specifically after the 9/11 catastrophe. So any kind of help, backing and supporting of criminals, slayers, and terrorists is considered as a cursed and obscene act, so why is there a support and help for them?

We are talking about an organization which its outside image is like a godsend angel who is the symbol of justice and equality and freedom loving as well as modernized and revolutionary but I should say to you from the bottom of my heart, according to my own personal experiences which I gained them all by wasting the best years of my life in that organization that this angel is just a diabolic cult but very powerful one in its essence and content, and its entity is completely dependent on the cultic regulation and rules which the other cults should come and take lessons from them. Substantially, which logic does justify the presence of this organization in your country? We are talking about an organization that has killed many Iranian people in their terrorist’s missions inside Iran.

They have killed and suppressed many Iraqi people (Kurds and Shiites) during their uprising in 1990 and 1991 to overthrow Saddam Hussein’s reign and in return they received many valuable and priceless gifts from their godfather, Saddam Hussein. In this organization any complaint and criticism toward its agenda and tactics especially towards its leadership will be punished severely and harshly, and no one dares to criticize against the leadership of this organization. So how do they claim that they are pro-democracy and freedom? I never forget this famous phrase which both Massoud and Maryam Rajavi used to utilize in their ideological indoctrination sessions to brainwash their members and it was “No one in this organization has any right except one right which is the right of dying for the sake of the leadership of this organization.” Can anyone find any trace of freedom and democracy in this phrase? Have we forgotten the desperate members of this organization who set themselves on fire just because Mrs. Maryam Rajavi was detained by the French police?

Is there any logic in these self burnings? But these kind of reactions which are implemented by the members of this organization substantiate a very powerful fact that they are capable of creating and begetting awful scenes wherever and whenever their leadership desires and that is an undeniable fact which all foreign politicians and governments should think about.

We should not forget that this organization had assassinated US military advisors during the Shah’s era (in 70’s) in Iran about which documents are available and I am sure that your central intelligence agency (CIA) has that evidence and documents. We should not forget that many dissident members of this organization who dared to open their mouths and complain about the brutal and inhumane agenda of this organization and its leadership either were mysteriously killed or disappeared and vanished (the names of those members who have been killed or have disappeared are available).

The political unrest after the Iran’s presidential election in 2009 perfectly showed that this organization does not have any popularity among Iranian people whatsoever and on the contrary they are considered as cussed and damned organization by Iranian people because of their cooperation and collaboration with the dictator of Iraq, Saddam Hussein who killed many Iranian citizens, military and civilian, during 8 year war with Iran.

The political unrest in Iran were just a peaceful demonstrations but the leadership of this organization intended to provoke the Iranian people to convert their peaceful demonstrations to a bloody chaos and they wanted to create carnage and bloodshed to take advantage of the blood in the favor of their leadership’s political interests. But the Iranian people were very vigilant and alert so they did not allow them to succeed in their diabolic plot. Actually the PMOI leadership was thinking that with the bloodshed and carnage the people of Iran would be provoked and instigated and as a result of that they would come on the streets of Tehran and other cities so the Iranian regime would have been overthrown by Iranian people, then the PMOI leadership would use this chance to return to Iran and confiscate the political power, but the truth is that Iranian people who are resentful of any violence and bloodshed, overcame the PMOI’s diabolic plot and they unanimously said No to the violence and bloodshed which was the desire of the PMOI leadership.

Dear Madam Clinton, any democracy and freedom has two aspects. The positive aspect of any democracy and freedom is for the people who are living under the democracy and freedom to promote their lives and gain whatever they want in their lives. But the negative aspect of any democracy and freedom is the people who want to take advantage of those two, democracy and freedom, to forward their diabolic intensions by using the levers which exist in any democratic and progressive countries. As a veteran and former member of this organization and according to my own knowledge of their internal relations and their thoughts and ideology , this is my humane duty to warn you that do not trust them by no means and do not be deceived by their beautiful slogans which are totally hollow and meaningless for them. This organization is not just “suspect of terrorism”, it is a terrorist organization itself which has come on the political stage equipped with glamorous and deceitful slogans and words which are totally meaningless and ridiculous in their leaders’ minds. I am ready to be present in any place and any court of law to testify about their crimes and reveal their real face which has been hidden purposely behind their mask of freedom and democracy just to forward their cultic ambitions.

With desire for peace and peaceful coexistence without any violence , bloodshed and terror.

Hassan Piransar/Paris

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