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Mr. Sarrafpour Letter to the US Secretary of States concerning MKO

Honorable Secretary State of United States of America,

Greeting,Mr. Sarrafpour Letter to the US Secretary of States concerning MKO
I am a former MKO member with over 22 years presence in Iraq and I also spent approximately four years at one of United States of America Military Camps in "Khaales" region in Iraq (Close to Ashraf Camp) after Iraq invasion. During this period I have witnessed a great deal of injustice, oppression, psychological and physical pressures by the leaders of the MKO organization on its own members. Furthermore, during this period, I have closely observed and heard all the Political and religious positions taken by MKO leader Massoud Rajavi. Unfortunately, it is a pity for me to let you know that the political and religious remarks made by MKO leader and his wife Maryam Rajavi similarity, contrast clearly with their remarks shown up or said in highly classified inter-organizational documents. In other words, what you and outside world leader hear from the leadership of MKO does not fit what they present inside their cult. Furthermore, their idea of dominating and leading the world expressed daily in all internal meeting, is one that you and other world politician can never hear.

The Leaders of MKO cult know very well (unlike Taliban and Al-Qaida leader), the need to choose the most beautiful humanitarian words in order to penetrate and perhaps dominate global opinion poll and consequently get acceptance by modern world’s political system as main opposition or alternative to their suppressive totalitarian partners of Islamic Republic of Iran. As an example, despite their effort to claim a humanitarian face for their organization that stand for equal rights for women’s and minorities in Western world, they have been imposing the most difficult pressure on Mujahed women internally, including, one of the most awful form of Gender Separation within their campus in Iraq. Consequently, as part of their policy of policy of gender separation, even gas station and water treatment plants are both divided by male and female section, not to mention that women hospitals are completely separated from men’s hospital. Furthermore, MKO has also restricted walking in public places including campus’ park, museum and even the cemetery to certain hours for women and separately for men to avoid any cross gender contact, perhaps a step farther than Taliban in gender separation. Of course, Massoud Rajavi officially stated (on September 11, 2001) that if al-Qaida with its fundamentalist Islam can do such an act (September 11th Tragedy), we can do much bigger acts with our revolutionary Islam. apparently such a gender separation is one of his achievement!! And of course, I have no doubt he will pursue his idea of forming a haram of all Mujahed women whether he will able to rise to power. From the perspective of Massoud Rajavi, all the women are just her confidante and must be separated from their families. This was exactly his hypothesis that we were told when in Ashraf Campus.

Dear Ms. Clinton,

The leaders of MKO cult has been already following the policy of disintegration of families to gain full control on their members and perhaps could be more dangerous than Taliban or Iranian Suppressive government whether they could rise to power. As a proof of my statement, the doors of "Ashraf Campus" in Iraq has been closed to the families who come from all over the world to visit their loved ones for very long time and MKO leader forbid the basic visitation right for its members’ family. Even though, I am a living example, spending 22 years in "Ashraf Campus" since my teen years and forbidden to contact any family member, I think, I rather give you another example to show the depth of this tragedy. A clear example is "Maryam Babaii" a 22 years old girl whose father was captured by Sadam Hossein (during Iran Iraq war) just 3 month before Maryam’s birth. After spending some time in Iraqi prison and as part of deal between MKO and Sadam, which allow any Iranian POW joining MKO, Mr. Babaii joined MKO to avoid persecution by Iraq. Mr. Babaii is still in "Ashraf Campus" and was not allowed to contact his family. Two years ago, this young girl (Maryam) hears that his father is alive. During this period MKO leader did not allowed Mr. Babai even be aware of his family and daughter. Maryam thought his father was killed in the war … After hearing that her father is alive, Maryam and her Grandfather went to Iraq and demanded to meet her father however, MKO leadership deny such permission to Maryam and her grandfather to meet Maryam’s father. It is now over two years that this innocent girl who has never seen her father, goes to "Ashraf Campus" shedding tears and looking forward to meet her father even for an hour, just to be rejected.

Dear Ms. Clinton,

You are a mother yourself and I am sure you understand the feeling of this young girl (Maryam) and her old grandfather to meet the father of this young girl. Why MKO leaders panic to allow a father that after 22 years still have not seen her daughter, reunite even for an hour with his family? The truth is that, Rajavi and MKO leader trying to keep absolute control over their members by separating them from their family; Consequently, getting undivided loyalty and attention. At the same time, in Europe, Maryam Rajavi, is trying to claim a humanitarian face for her MKO cult while denying a young girl to meet her father. Why they are so scare of meeting a young girl with her father?

Dear Ms. Clinton,

The leader of this dangerous religious sect (MKO Leaders) have been taking hostage thousands of men and women in "Ashraf camp" with several tricks that as a former member, I am well aware. They are trying to portray such a determination and will of their own to live in Ashraf campus but this is not simply true. They use very complex tricks in order to keep the members there. Again, as a former member who has spent over 22 years in Ashraf Campus, I understand and well aware of the tricks this notorious organization is using and I am willing to testify in any court what facilities and Tricks they have been applying to force their members avoiding expression of their real thought or escape freely from this imposed prison. Recently, they have been taking even more extensive protective measures so no one can escape this prison called Ashraf Campus according to few former members who managed to escape.

Dear Ms. Clinton,

As a former member of the MKO who managed to escape from this cult, considering your power and capabilty, and for the sake of humanity, I would like to request:
1 – To help so the representatives of international organizations and human rights meet members of MKO group in a neutral and risk free environment outside Ashraf Campus and without presence of the representative of MKO with all MKO members and ask their true opinion.

2 – to pressure the leaders of this cult to allow families to visit their loved one in a neutral and friendly environment and stop playing with their members emotion. And to pressure them to stand for basic human rights of their members and their family, and maintain open communication and be informed of world news.

3 – to pressure these cult leaders to allow the basic right of access to Internet and free world so these members can freely exchange email, call or opinion with their families and friends.

Unfortunately in the last 25 years none of Mujahedeen members have been able to access any phone, internet magazines or newspaper. In the garrison that they call it a "City", unfortunately, no one is allowed to have a cellular phone or even access to any magazine or newspaper. It is a humanitarian disaster that majority of MKO members in Ashraf except the very small number of trusted even don’t know how to use Internet or mobile phone. Having say that, these members need your immediate humanitarian assistance to escape this mental and physical prison called "Ashraf Campus".

Appreciate your humanitarian efforts is greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.


Hamed Sarrafpour
Paris, France

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