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Mrs. Maleki Letter to the US Secretary of States concerning MKO

 Dear Mrs. Hillary, Honorable Secretary of State

Respectfully, I would like to introduce myself before anything else. I am an ex member of Mojahedin Khalq Organisation (MKO). In 1990 I became an outspoken critic of what is know as the "forced divorces" and special relations between the organisation and Saddam Hussein, the ousted dictator of Iraq. I was imprisoned for a few months in solitary confinement inside camps of Mojahedin Khalq Organisation in Iraq. I am living in Switzerland now.

I would like to inform your Excellency that the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran was founded in 1965. Its ideology is a combination of Marxism and Islam.Their ideology is based on fighting against capitalism and they believe that the United States of America is the symbol of global capitalism and they call the USA ‘the World-Eater Imperialism’. Their ideological principle and objective is based on fighting against the United States and its interests, and in this regard they have written and published many books such as, The Carter Presidency (World Eater Imperialism). With such an ideology and approach which exists in the Mojahedin, they began their terrorist operations against American citizens and American offices located in Iran in 1971.

As a result of the terrorist operation which happened in 9/11 in the USA, every country became Batoul Malekiastonished and confused at such brutal and barbaric acts, which targeted thousands innocent people in the twin towers, and all these countries and their governments condemned such brutality and savagery. But, surprisingly the PMOI’s operatives and leaders threw a very big party in Bagherzadeh Garrison in Iraq and celebrated that incident and showed their admiration for that terrorist act by dancing, shouting and congratulating one another in front of their leaders, Massoud and Maryam Rajavi.

Massoud Rajavi was on the stage and while he had his hands on his waist he began a war cry against the USA, and in his admiration for Osama Ben Laden and his organization, Al Qaeda, he said, ”This was fanatical Islam which trembled and shacked the basis of US Imperialism and they destroyed the twin towers which were the symbol of their power, and successfully reduced it to rubble through their successful mission”. Then he (Massoud Rajavi) with a smile on his face continued his war cry and said, ”What will happen to the USA if revolutionary Islam with our Ideology and Maryam’s leadership comes to power, then this paper tiger (the USA) will be destroyed as a whole.”

After the downfall of Saddam Hussein, all the PMOI members underwent various interviews for recognition of their identification by the US State Department’s agents, the CIA, FBI, and specifically US Military Information section MI. They gained a huge amount of very valuable information from the PMOI members – all of which documents and information substantiate and prove that the ideology and the strategy of the PMOI are all anti-western, and particularly anti USA.

The US State Department has justly listed the PMOI and its political wing the National Council of Resistance (NCRI) as a terrorist organization in its terrorist list. While the State Department listed them as a terrorist organization, it did not have the valuable information which it now has now. In a report that was published in 2005 by the US State Department regarding the terrorist organization list, it mentioned justly that the PMOI is a potential threat and is a very dangerous terrorist organization. In that report it was mentioned that the PMOI has the potential to become a dangerous organization in any period of time because of their special terrorist training and cohesive organizational structure. For instance, on 17th of June 2003 when Maryam Rajavi was arrested by French Police, PMOI leaders ordered their members to set themselves on fire in public streets. If there was no complaint and protest from the international bodies and humanitarian organizations against this kind of brutality and savagery, it was still going to become one of the biggest of human catastrophes.

I must stress that even though the State Department reports of 2005 and 2006 are not complete, that the report shows that this organization is a religious cult.We think the MKO in Iraq is finished, especially after the fall of Saddam Hussein and his government. The Iraqi Government wants to assert its sovereignty, regain its property, the garrison, and they do not want to keep those people on their soil who cooperated fully with Saddam Hussein against their people. So now we should ask ‘why do the leaders of a cult terrorist organization want to keep the Ashraf,s garrison?

We have enclosed a small sample of the evidence which has already been made public concerning the MKO. The charges against the MKO and in particular its leaders include but are not limited to: crimes against humanity and war crimes inside and outside Iran.

With many thanks and regards

Batoul Maleki

– Embassy of USA in swiss
– Ministers of Affairs of the EU-
– Relevant MEPs
-Office of Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maleki

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