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Mojahedin Khalq uses paid western propaganda machine

Mojahedin Khalq uses paid western propaganda machine trying to hinder Iraqi army effort to stop al Qaeda/Saddamist terror campaign in Iraq

Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said on Friday his government had information that al Qaeda-linked groups were planning a series of attacks across the country, state television reported.

Al Iraqiya television quoted al-Maliki as saying that Sunni Islamist al Qaeda and members of the former dictator Saddam Hussein’s banned Baath Party planned to stage more attacks.

"Based on information that has been made available to us … the criminal alliance of al Qaeda and the remains of the former regime of Baathists are planning, with foreign backing, to stage a series of bombings and killings in selected provinces from the south to the north," al-Maliki said.

Meanwhile Ahmad Al Zarkoshi the manager of Alsadiah department of Diyali province said in an interview with Radio Nava that the Mojahedin Khalq organisation have given out false statements distributed widely by western propaganda outlets that the Iraqi army has been carrying out operations against their members confined in Camp New Iraq (formerly Ashraf). The Iraqi army has not engaged in such operations and the false allegation is intended to disturb the state of alert given out against al Qaeda and Saddamists in the wake of news that they are to carry out a large terror campaign against civilian targets across Iraq. While the Iraqi army has had no intention of acting against the confined members of Mojahedin Khalq in the camp, it has every right to go on a state of alert and readiness across the country in its fight against Al Qaeda/Saddamist terror groups and cannot halt its duty because of the misuse of paid western advertising media by terror groups like Mojahedin Khalq Organisation.

Awad Altamimi another high ranking leader in Diyali province also added that the Diyali province council have repeatedly been asking for the expulsion of the Mojahedin Khalq and other foreign terrorist organisations from Iraq, but it is the western backers of this terrorist group who interfere against the will of the people of Iraq who have been speaking through their elected representatives in local councils as well as the Iraqi parliament and Iraqi government. He emphasised that clear evidence proves their cooperation with al Qaeda and the remains of the Saddamists who carry out armed terrorist activities. Seven years after the fall of Saddam, the backers of the terrorist group should start thinking twice about their relations with such groups and start bringing themselves more in line with the wishes of the people of Iraq to live in peace without the interference of others in their internal affairs.

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