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Ali Einakian;Joining and leaving Mujahedin – Part 2

Rajavi’s Cult and his self-made prison

 When I was released from Rajavi’s prison and found myself in free world, I was still mentally captured by Rajavi’s indoctrinations so all the timeI was challenging myself on the decision I had made. After some time when I saw Iraqis’ warm behavior, I changed my mind that had been manipulated by Rajavi for years.

I figured out that although I was physically released, my mind was still involved with the group's indoctrinations.

MKO leader had always tried to make a terrible enemy out of Iraqi new government. Despite my expectations, they offered me all facilities in the hotel including a cell phone that I had never seen during my 25- year period of membership in MKO. I was shocked just like a caveman from ancient time.

After the so-called Ideological Revolution in the group and the consequent forced divorces, we had to attend brainwashing sessions where members had to report their sexual thoughts. I always wondered why such meetings? I couldn’t solve the contradiction of those meetings where members were deeply involved in sexual thoughts. I often tried not to listen to the others’ reports otherwise I was sexually aroused.

Definitely Rajavi has a particular objective of these meetings. He wants to keep members minds busy in order to distract them from thinking about their main problem (slavery in the cult).

Rajavi had killed the whole emotions I might have felt for my parents. Immediately after my escape, I was not willing to contact my family because I was still mentally captured by the organization’s indoctrinations. I hesitated to ask them for finding my home’s phone number but after the first phone call my heart started defrosting. Affections of my family made me find my human aspect to the extent that now I am much eager to see them helping my mother cope with the entire grieve she tolerated in those years of separation.

When you are in MKO, You are never allowed to write a letter or to make a phone call to your family. If there is any contact, it should be along with the organization’s political or financial benefits. Rajavi wants everything for his own interest. He cites from Lenin that he is able to wear skirt in order to achieve his goals. He actually believes in the logic, "The Ends Justify the Means."

I’m thankful to God for my release from Rajavi’s prison. Now I am able to realize what is really going on in the world. It’s true that Rajavi stole 25 years of my life and now I’m not young anymore but I can use my experience as a guide for those who are still imprisoned behind the bars of Rajavi-made mental prison. I can warn those who are at risk of being manipulated and recruited by the cult.

The fearmongers of MKO always terrify the members of leaving the group . When I was in Camp Ashraf I also thought of committing suicide since I was so frightened from my future either inside or outside the camp.

I was absolutely courageous that I dared to make up my mind to run away.

In brainwashing sessions, Rajavi uses all kinds of tricks and lies to control members. For example he says: "If you leave the organization, you will be morphed into pigs and go to nowhere land then you will disappear!" As an eye- witness who was in MKO for 25 years, I’m ready to present my testimonies in any court.

We were told that Iraqi hotels were centers of corruption but when I entered the hotel I was shocked to see none of those lies came true.

I wondered why Rajavi’s words and thoughts were still occupying my mind. After thinking a lot, I figured out that although I was physically released, my mind was still involved with the group’s indoctrinations. Thus, I tried to break those bars of my mind. By observing more realities, I could manage to face my new life. I don’t let any other person to decide for my fate.
Translated by Nejat Society

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