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Ali Einakian; Joining and leaving Mujahedin – Part3

Rajavi’s Cult and the Mirage of Toppling Iranian Government

A mirage is a naturally occurring optical phenomenon in which high rays are bent to produce a displaced image of distant objects or the sky. You may be thirsty wandering in a hot dry desert and then you think you are seeing water in a farther area so you use all your efforts to reach the water but after walking a very long way, you finally figure out that you saw a mirage. This is the exact story of defectors of Rajavi’s Cult.

Rajavi's Cult and the Mirage of Toppling Iranian Government

The MKO members captured in camp Ashraf are shown that mirage every day. They survive with the hope of a better future but sooner or later they realize that all they are told in the group is just like a mirage thus they start thinking of a way to release themselves but they find no way.

Regarding your personality you will realize the truth sooner or later.The mirage world is actually made by Massoud Rajavi and that’s the near overthrow of Islamic Republic. He first used this tactic in 1980. Forces who had joined MKO were mostly honest Idealists who trusted the organization, so they were simply manipulated by Rajavi. They accepted all his analysis and theories. They never hesitated to think about them. However, such mechanism had limits. The more members waited for the overthrow of regime, the less they trusted the leader. So they began doubting the promises of their leader.

The above-mentioned tactic is still used in MKO. Massoud Rajavi still assigns deadline and members are planned to stay hopeful until that mentioned date. The last deadline Massoud Rajavi was speaking of before my defection was October 7th, 2010 when Iraqi new government was supposed to be appointed.

Rajavi was hopeful that Iyad Alavi would be the new Iraqi Prime Minister thinking that he would resolve the group’s complicated situation in Iraq. All MKO activities were focused on that hope. They tried to gain support of foreign politicians for Alavi. No matter how Rajavi’s support for Alavi benefited or harmed Alavi’s fame!

This was the mirage Rajavi painted for members: Alavi would achieve power, Ashraf gates would be open for him, he would come to Ashraf so we would be able to take our arms back and we would restart operations against Iran.

Such a theory succeeded to influence members extensively and removed a lot of tensions in the group.

As usual his last promise didn’t come true. Now he has to think of a new mirage to show his forces in order to maintain them. That is the bitter reality of my life and the lives of Ashraf residents.

Since the argument of "overthrow" seems to be charming to forces, MKO leaders serve all arguments with the Sauce of Overthrow! For example to justify the divorce and marriage of Maryam Rajavi and the so-called Ideological Revolution, public forced divorces of members … they portrayed the mirage of overthrowing the regime so they became able to make long-life slaves out of members.

Today Massoud Rajavi’s old tactic doesn’t work anymore. I ask my ex-comrades not to get in to his trap. I advise them to be courageous, to remove the bars Rajavi put on their minds and to step in free world. I promise you that everything MKO leaders tell you about outside world is pure lie.

Believe me! You will not morph into pigs! You will not be arrested by IRI intelligence agents! You will be capable to decide for your fate!
Translated by Nejat Society

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