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MKO Former Member Open Letter to Ms. Ashton

Mojahedin Khalq exploit you for their own agenda

Honorable Ms. Ashton
I’d like to begin my letter by asking a few questions:
Have you ever been tortured? Have you ever been whipped? Have you ever been beaten, kicked, fisted or slapped? Have you ever been tortured psychologically so as you were forced to take drugs? Have you ever observed your friends’ committing suicide because they could no more tolerate terrible tortures they used to suffer?

Yes, Dear Ms. Ashton,
I was a member of Mujahedin Khalq Organization for about 30 years under the leadership of Massoud and Mayam Rajavi who claim to run a democratic organization that advocates human rights.

I was seriously beaten and tortured in MKO because I criticized the organization several times. I was imprisoned in camp Ashraf prisons where I was terribly tortured both physically and psychologically. I felt so terrible that the so-called doctor of the prison prescribed forbidden medicines for my mental problems. The scars left by torture are evidences of my words. However, Iraqi officials have documents on MKO’s human right violation cases. MKO’s propaganda presents itself as human rights advocate but in fact its leaders treat their dissident members so violently. To check the accuracy of my work, you may want to send a delegation to interview the twenty-eight members who have managed to escape Camp Ashraf since last year.

Dear Ms. Ashton,
Do you know the real meaning of those issues you mention about MKO in your speeches or your statements? Do you really know what you were given by MKO propaganda Machine? Those who are aware of MKO’s real nature believe that your words on MKO are dictated to you by the group. I’d like to warn you not to get involved in a cult-like culture. They exploit you to run their own agenda. To make sure, you might be able to have Persian language experts interpret what MKO has so far presented to you.

As soon as possible, you should stop MKO from playing with your ideals including human rights and democracy. They wear the mask of a democratic, humanitarian, peaceful organization while they widely violate human rights. I highly recommend reading the HRW’s report on MKO in 2005,No EXIT, and also RAND report published by the US Defense Department in 2010.

Mohammad Karami, Paris

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