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Memoirs of Ms. Zahra Mirbaqeri; MKO ex-member

I am Zahra Sadat Mirbaqeri. I was supposed to be a member of MKO leadership Council [she was a member of Experimental Leadership Council] before my I left the MKO’s Camp Ashraf. I am Zahra Sadat Mirbaqeri. I was supposed to be a member of MKO leadership CouncilDuring the few past years, I had been practicing to leave the organization and finally my last plan worked. I could manage to hide in the new Iraqi hospital on the western gate of the Camp Ashraf and then I succeeded to release myself.

I can’t include my whole story in this interview because I am not able to sit down or stand up for a long time due to long-term, terrible physical torture I endured in Camp Ashraf. My medical documents confirmed by Iraqi specialists and doctors, based on my poor health condition are available.

I briefly notice a few issues:

1. Firstly I’d like to notify an important issue to public opinion. Camp Ashraf leaders have taken my brother Alireza and my two sisters as hostages. They don’t allow them to leave the camp and come to see me and my mother who is suffering heart disease and waiting to see her children. I seriously ask all human right bodies, UN, ICRC, European Parliament and particularly Iraqi government for help.

Naturally, after the release of my testimony, Ashraf leaders will force my siblings to make TV interviews against me by threatening and torturing them. So I already warn about it.

2. The second issue is about torture of patients in Camp Ashraf. I personally received my death sentence that was handed over to me by Zohreh Qaemi (because they were informed of my decision to leave the group) I am one of those tortured patients in the organization. I shortly describe the medieval tortures I suffered personally.

It’s not possible to describe or even number the tortures I bore in here. It requires me to write a book in the future in order to tell the story of my grieves:

After three meetings that were held as my trials _ in which a hundred people attended_ they took me to my forth trial while I was sick in bed. They pulled me all the way on the floor beating me off to the meeting where other members were ready to insult me, impose peer pressure on me under the command of Faeze Mohabatkar. They verbally and physically abused me for seven hours.

They pulled my hands towards floor, forcing me to sit down while I could hardly ever sit down because of my painful waist and neck. They took off my neck pain necklace so that I suffered a worse condition. I exclude an other maltreatment they practiced to recall because it even caused e other women participating the meeting to complaint against their act.
They violently shouted in my left ear that was badly infectious due to previous tortures. They said: “what sort of patient are you who can resist so much?”

…in another occasion they attacked me while I was in bed in Ashraf’s internal hospital. They beat my neck, right shoulder and arm. The pain lasted for months but they didn’t take me to doctors [outside the Camp] because it was a scandal for them.

3. They refused to give me urgent medications so that I would die soon.

4. They refused to inject medications for infections like anti-biotic for my ear. They refused to give me medications to stop my dizziness.

5. Despite I felt terribly dizzy due to my infectious ear; they forced me to attend their long organizational meetings in order to make me die sooner.

6. They refused to let me have x-ray test that was prescribed for me by a doctor. My knees were painful because of long-time standing on feet during ideological meetings.
At the end, once more I appeal public opinion and human right activists to help hostages held in Camp Ashraf release and aid them to take refuge in European countries.
I myself have to travel to European country to get treatment and surgery. I appreciate all friends who help me with my problems, in advance.

Thank you
Translated by Nejat Society

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