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40 MKO members have evacuated Iraq

Iraqi Media announced 40 MKO members who had been relocated to Camp Liberty, have evacuated Iraqi soil.40 MKO members have evacuated Iraq

According to Habilian, quoting “free Iraq” radio, 40 members of terrorist Mujahedin e-Khalq organization who had been moved to Camp Liberty have evacuated Iraq through Baghdad airport heading to other countries.

Udai al-Khadran, governor of Iraqi Khalis town, said in an interview: “A high ranking MKO commander who has just defected from the group, has revealed that many MKO members are demanding to leave Iraq and go to other countries including Iran.

Referring to the mechanism of MKO expulsion from Camp Ashraf, Al-Khadran said: “A committee controlled by the Prime Minister is formally responsible for this Garrison’s case.” “After MKO members are surrendered, they are investigated inside Camp Ashraf and then immediately transferred to Baghdad.” He added.

9 MKO members have fled Camp Liberty and surrendered themselves to Iraqi forces. According to the Iraqi defense ministry reports, near 60 elements of this terrorist cult have fled Camp Ashraf since past year.

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