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Abdulhamid Raoufian announces his separation from the MKO

Mr. Abduhamid Raoufian, a recently defected member of the Mujahedin Khalq Organization declared his defection from the group by a letter he submitted to Sahar Family Foundation. After his release from the Cult, he found out that his family had written a lot of letters which were Abdulhamid Raoufian announces his separation from the MKOhanded to the MKO by the help of red Cross but the cult hadn’t give him any of them. This caused more hatred in his heart against the Cult of Rajavi.

Mr. Raufian’s statement of declaration of separation:

I am Abdulhamid Raoufian. I was a war prisoner of Iran-Iraq war. I fell in the propaganda trap of the MKO-as it is known to every one-in 1988.

I was imprisoned in the Cult for 24 years. I always thought that I had no way back and my fate was to stay there my whole life. As I hadn’t had enough information on the Cult and its leaders, they abused my good will. My wrong choice ruined 24 of otherwise best years of my life. I had no contact with the outside world and my family.

Massoud Rajavi betrayed everything including his followers’ trust by deceiving them with his deceitful words and propaganda. We were turned into robots who were supposed to only obey the superior’s orders; to just say Rajavi was right, although we didn’t believe in him from the bottom of our heart. But, we had no way except obedience and confirmation.

To achieve what he wanted, I mean “Power”, Rajavi was prepared to do anything. He didn’t value our lives and the lives of thousands of people like us.

He was ready to victimize all of us. We were so isolated and departed that we couldn’t think of anything else in the world. Rajavi abused us to the highest level. Ultimately, I realized that the Cult deceived us and it only wanted our soles. I understood my mistake.

If, 24 years ago, I had had the information today I have about the Cult, I would have tolerated any grieves in Iraqi WOP camps and I would have never fell in the trap of the MKO’s promises.

Now, I made the right decision and I released myself from the prison of the cult. I declare my separation from the MKO. I’m glad for my choosing the right path. I feel like I regained my human identity.

I hope that my friends in the cult can also choose the right path and escape the hellish cult to freedom.

Abdul Hamid Raoufian – Baghdad

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