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Mr. Mahmoud Sepahi announces separation from MKO

Mr. Sepahi spent nine years in Rajavi’s cult. He could release himself and arrive in free world two years ago. He announced his separation from the cult in the following statement:
Mr. Sepahi spent nine years in Rajavi's cult. He could release himself and arrive in free world
I’m Mahmoud Sepahi. In 2000, when I was residing in UAE in hope of immigration to the United States, I was deceived by MKO recruiters and taken to Iraq. After a few days, I found out the lies they had told me and that I had been taken there to remain in Camp Ashraf. Since the early days, I asked them to let me get back to UAE but they created so terrible condition for me that I was convinced to stay there.

I entered the organization which was not only like the hell but also like a political lunatic center. Every day, there were numerous meetings under various titles such as "Current Operation" which was held in order to suppress dissidents. During the meetings, the commandants verbally abused members with the most horrendous foul-mouthed language that you could never ever believe and you didn’t dare to reply one word to defend yourself.

When I asked for leaving Ashraf I was threatened to be imprisoned in Ashraf for two years and then I would be handed to Iraqi forces who would in turn jail me in Abu Quraib for eight years and finally I would be exchanged with Iraqi prisoners of war and would be delivered to Iranian government. Thus I remained in damned Camp Ashraf for nine years. At last they kicked me out of Ashraf because according to them I had "problems of woman and life" and I hadn’t accepted the organization.

When I declared my eagerness to leave the camp, first they tried to flatter me. Then they held numerous meetings for fourteen days but I succeeded to flee all their traps and released myself. In 2009, I could reach Europe by help of my family.

Today in Feb. 22, 2011, I declare my complete separation from Mujahedin Khalq. I’m thankful to my God who helped me arrive in free world, live a free life and decide for my own future. I hope that my bitter experience will enlighten others who are at risk of being captured by such a terrorist destructive cult so that they won’t lose the best period of their life. 

Translated by Nejat Society

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