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Glorification of An Undemocratic Start

On the anniversary of starting armed warfare MKO celebrates the event under a democratic disguise

It is now three decades when the mass demonstrations of Mojahedin Khalq Organization Glorification of An Undemocratic StartMKO/MEK shook Tehran and many other Iranian provincial towns on 20 June 1981. The outcome was Mojahedin’s declaring a ruthless armed warfare against the newly born regime of Islamic Republic the day after. The day marks a turning point in group’s terrorist pedigree although many believe that it drafted the blueprint of waging an all-out war against the regime soon after the Islamic revolution and the initiation of Iran- Iraq war; it was only looking for a dear opportunity.

The frenzy firestorm on June 20 set MKO on the no return path of initiating an armed move that expanded a wave of terror by launching armed operations, carrying out daily attacks against civilians, assassinating officials and blasting bombs. The horrible nightmare of MKO’s blind operations haunted Iranian people day and night’s life and marks a post-revolution black spot in Iranian contemporary history. However, MKO hardly denounces actions deemed as terrorism in its own narrow vision and refers to them as “revolutionary resistance”.

It is for more than a decade that, for certain political causes and a change in tactics, MKO’s revolutionary resistance has undergone a dramatic shift in action and its propaganda machine and media mainly focuses on a pro-democratic coloring and reflecting democratic tendencies. In fact, any show of democracy orchestrated by MKO is tantamount to a demonstration of its innate potentiality of the revolutionary resistance.

It is now for a few years that just on the anniversary of June 20, MKO celebrates and glorifies the event under a democratic disguise and slogans; this year it is at VillePinte, Paris on 23 June. The advertising slogan is “Protection for Camp Ashraf and Camp Liberty”. MKO chants the slogan while it is the main cause of escalating tension in both camps. Those entrapped in the camps need no universally claimed protection, since the UN is decisive in refugee determination process and to convince other countries to accept members, but cooperation of the group to end their predicament. The process of relocation of members from Camp Ashraf to Camp Liberty has been ceased as MKO leaders are inventing unsound excuses.

MKO’s anti-social nature never changes however it replaces the masks and as English maxim says, the wolf may lose his teeth but never his nature. June 20 is breath of life into MKO’s armed and revolutionary resistance. It has to be commemorated and glorified but with Western favored tint of democracy. The host speaker of the event, Maryam Rajavi, has merely changed, if not wearing under, her military outfit for colorful, stylish ones. And the only ones she never cares for when she calls for their protections are the residents of the two camps living in limbo.

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